Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Day I Got To Be A Model

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I had done a Marie Antoinette inspired wedding photo shoot in October of last year.  Well.....here it is.  I will explain!

I met a WONDERFUL photographer through a friend of mine named Tracy Abston.  Her photography company is called Pictures by Tracy and seriously, she is the sweetest, most talented lady ever!  I ended up meeting her because I did a boudoir session for my hubby as a wedding gift and our mutual friend highly recommended her!  Well, those pictures turned out beautiful....seriously words cannot describe and from that moment on, I was Tracy's biggest fan!  Turns out she liked me too (who doesn't?) and asked if I'd do a wedding shoot with her after my wedding was over.  I said sure, because who doesn't want to be a model for a day?!  Well, this small shoot snowballed into some much bigger!  Multiple vendors came on, and soon enough we had a full on photo shoot capturing all aspects of this "wedding".  They used the inspiration of a modern day Marie Antoinette and hoped to get recognized on a popular wedding blog called Style Me Pretty.

Unfortunately, we did not get recognized but soon enough another wedding blog called Classic Bride picked up our shoot!  You can view the blog post here! I know a wedding magazine was thinking about picking up our shoot, but I'm not sure what the outcome of that was.  Anyway, it was just a totally fun and inspirational shoot!  I loved every minute of being a model, especially when Tracy is the photographer!  In just 2 weeks, Tracy and I are collaborating for another shoot, along with the make-up artist (Michelle Richardson) and hair stylist (Alan Leonardo) so stayed tuned for that!!!  In the meantime I'll leave you with some of the MANY pictures from our shoot!  And yes, that is my hubby as the "groom"......through a lot of convincing and batting of my eyes, I convinced him to be the groom in our shoot.  Well, I actually just told him that I'd be making out and pretending I was in love with a HOT male model if he didn't do it.......seriously.  That's what I said. :)

The making of the hair:

And some fun behind the scenes ones:
(Wonderful Tracy!)
The whole gang:
Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!  Would you ever do something daring for your wedding like having Marie Antoinette hair?


My Two Cents ...before I spend it said...

Beautiful! xo

Heather Bee said...

OMG! LOVE the shoot! I've been thinking of some cute and creative ways to do my engagement photos and I think I just added this idea to the list! Oh! I'm here via Shasta Anne. Pleased to be reading your bloggy!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much Heather!

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