Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Posting: What's In Her Bag?

I am so excited because today we have a guest blog from my oldest best friend, Megan, of Meg's Big Move!  Wanna know what's in her bag?  Without further ado, I give the floor to Megan....

 Hi all, thanks for taking a look. For starters, this is my take to work, take to everywhere bag. The bag is Gucci, recently bought from my friend Lynett. The selling factor on the bag was the red and green bow on the side.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with anything that has a bow on it, I also happen to love when Gucci uses the classic green and red color scheme.  Let's look inside:

  1. I took a Glamour magazine I read on the plane to leave in the work kitchen, but took the Ulta coupon out first-I doubt I'll use it. 
  2. Bobby Brown gel eyeliner-don't wear this on weekdays, this needs to go back in my makeup bag
  3. Clinique concealer-for disguise when I need it most. 
  4. Aveda lip tint- IMO, Aveda's makeup is underrated-this has SPF and a pretty pink color (makeup artist put it on my for my sister's wedding)
  5. Bobbi Brown lipstick- should also put this back in my makeup bag, it's meant for nights out
  6. Tampons- you think I have enough? It may or may not be that time of the month :)
  7. Car keys- my mother and I bought the needle point monkey key chain for my brother, I think he thought it was too girly, I don't think it is girly enough, but I have had it on for over a year.  
  8. Bow necklace-Lynett bought this for me for x-mas :) She is a great gift giver!!!
  9. Vera Bradley sunglasses
  10. Clinique eyeshadow in choco-latte-your basic shimmery browns, I use this only when I am looking extra homely in the a.m.  I leave this decision to be made in the parking garage at work. 
  11. Sally Hansen pale pink nail polish-I am trying to stop biting my nails, keeping them polished is the only thing that works for me
  12. Aveeno hand cream- oh yea, hand cream also helps.  I like to put it on when I am bored at work. 
  13. Tarte cheek stain in true love
  14. Aveeno tinted moisturizer- LOVE this product.  I have bought it over and over, and for me to say that means A LOT!
  15. Wallet- I need a new one STAT!
  16. Lilly Pulitzer panda makeup bag-  contains more tampons (promise I am not a crazy person) and more makeup that I don't wear to work.   However, it does have my favorite blush, Lorac's-Desire and MAC's studio fix powder foundation which has helped me through several moments of desperation. 

 What a mess! I definitely need to clean out the makeup in there and let the ladies at work know that if anyone needs a tampon, I've got plenty!  A special thank you to Ashley for featuring Meg's Big Move on her lovely blog.

PS: Ashley is my oldest girlfriend :) Isn't that special? I have no doubt in my mind we will still be chit chatting when we are pushing 80. Love you girl!  Oh yea, Ashley's new last name (she is a newlywed) is the same as Muffins (check out my blog to find out who he is)...I think that is SUPER special :)
Thanks Megan! 


mMe said...

Thank you for letting me post! I actually just painted my nails (at work) with the pink nail polish you see above :)

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