Thursday, May 19, 2011

Here Comes the Bride: The Dress

I got married last summer, and for the year and a half I was engaged, I was OBSESSED with weddings!  Ok, the obsession started much before that.....and still hasn't gone away...BUT what girly-girl doesn't like a day all about them?.....and their hubby too. Yea, yea, won't forget about him. :) Anyway, I'm starting a little mini-series here called "Here Comes the Bride" for my bride-to-be readers.  Today's topic: THE DRESS. 

Does anyone watch Say Yes to The Dress?  I watched/watch it all the time....and let me tell you, with every episode, I re-thought my dress choice because I'd find one on TV that I thought was better!  Have any of you gone through that?  Probably.  For me, picking my dress was actually pretty easy.  I visited about 3 different stores and I found my dress early on in that hunt.  I was looking for something unique, no cookie cutter wedding dress for me and this dress just stood out and I couldn't stop thinking about it!  It was a Pronovias dress from their Spring/Summer 2009 collection.  I liked the Spanish flare it had, and really I loved that the whole bottom was ruffles because it looked like I was walking on clouds from behind.  The top was completely fitted with lots of crystals and pearls, with a sweetheart neckline.  Here are a few pics:

I also ended up doing a photo shoot a few months after my wedding where I wore my wedding dress for a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot.  BUT that's a post for another time!  Here's a sneak peak picture:

Photo by Tracy Abston of Pictures by Tracy

ANYWAY, while I loved my dress....I still feel like there are other dresses I could have worn that might have been even prettier.  Is that  bad?  Normal?  OCD?  Ok.  Here are some of the other styles I've seen on TV and online that I think I could have worn:

This is a Pnina Tornai dress from her 2011 Collection.  Ok, take away all the ugly accessories, and I'm loving this dress!

I have always loved this dress from Bride Wars (the one Kate Hudson wore!).  It is a Vera Wang dress, not sure what collections its from.  I would liked a different color ribbon around the waist though...maybe pink!

Here's another Pnina Tornai from her 2010 Collection.  This dress has been on Say Yes to the Dress a bunch.  I love all the crystals on the front!

My boobs would never look like that in this dress, but I love how flattering this dress is!  It is another Pnina Tornai, not sure what collection.  I keep trying to find this one dress I saw on Say Yes to the Dress that is similar, but I can't find it....Anyway, loving this dress!

And finally..................................this keeper from Priscilla of Boston!  LOL jk!  How ugly huh?

So, while the dress choice can VERY hard for some women, I didn't have a hard time finding and making up my mind on the dress.  It wasn't until after the wedding that I went, wait....maybe I should have worn this or that?  But I guess it is a couple years later now, your tastes change and the trends change.  I say go for whatever is speaking to you and don't worry about the "classicness" of it....all of our dresses will be hideous when our children get married! :)

Are any of you currently searching for your wedding dresses?  Any of you go through the same emotions I went through?


Sundresses and Smiles said...

I love your dress! The ruffles are fabulous and to do a Marie Antoinette shoot?! How fun!

Ashley said...

Thanks so much! :)

mMe said...

I've always loved the dress from Bride Wars. I totally have a girl crush on Kate Hudson. I think I would do it without the sash all together.

You were such a gorgeous bride!

Molly said...

You looked GORGEOUS in your dress! And I LOVE your veil! Can't wait to see more of your wedding details.

I was obsessed with weddings during my engagement, as well. I think I bought every single bridal magazine available. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I love your dress. No second thoughts!

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