Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Higher the Better...

Ever since I was little, I was obsessed with shoes.  My parents used to call me Imelda Marcos who was a Filipino politician and wife to a Filipino President, but more importantly (duh) she was known for her 3,000 pairs of shoes!

Unfortunately, now, I am not only a shoe person but an EVERYTHING person!  I love it all, but I still have a special affinity for shoes.  And I love heels!  And it doesn't matter how high they are....I will still wear them if they're cute.  I will probably have all kinds of foot problems when I'm older, but oh well, beauty is pain right?

Like my childhood partner in crime, Megan of Meg's Big Move (visit her blog!), we LOVED fashion and all things girly!  I remember fighting with her over which of us got to dress our Barbie in the jean cut off shorts LOL!  But our adventures are a whole other story....  She recently did a post about her love for shoes as well, and she has quite the collection of beauties!  Check them out.

I wear heels to work everyday, so I'm always looking for new heels and wedges!  I found these shoes back in December and I LOVE THEM!  They are by Kelsi Dagger which is the same company as Pour La Victoire, but just their cheaper line.  These are the perfect staple pumps, and I adore the hidden platform!  I have them in the below Blush color, as well as, black.

Too bad the red were all out of stock....

These are also incredibly comfortable because the ball of the foot area is padded!  Definitely a keeper!  I'm actually wearing  them right now.

And just for fun, because I can't possibly do a post about shoes and not mention these.  I was recently married, and while searching for my wedding shoes...I laid eyes on these Louboutins and it was love a first sight!  Like always, I find ridiculously expensive things to lust after but since it was my wedding (and I can cry if I want to) I decided I was going to get way or another...  So I did and they are actually on display in my house right now as decoration.  Side note: I absolutely love glitz and you can see why these shoes were made for me.

Picture by: Jonathan Dann Photography


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