Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holy Cannoli!

Ok, I totally thought I had my dream closet pegged with the below post.  Nope. Disregard.  How on Earth did I not know about this before my husband?  I was just talking to Doc about my future closet post and he informed me of a certain closet that can be found at Texas mansion Champ d'Or (which means field of gold in French).  It is two stories (the closet not the house....that's a measly four stories).  Yes, I said two and wait for it......modeled after the Chanel boutique in Paris!  Swoon. Speechless. Loosing consciousness.

Here is the entrance:

There are no other pictures of the closet online, but if you watch the below video about the home, they take you further inside the closet.  And....................its currently for sale!  I better ask Doc if he has $35 Million laying around (I can always use the argument that its at a great price since it just dropped from $60 Million? Right? RIGHT?)

My absolute lust designer is Chanel (I briefly discussed this in my guest blog on Meg's Big Move).  I grew up watching my mom always take her Chanel purse to romantic dinner's with my Dad, her make-up drawer was basically completely filled with Chanel everything, and she always kept her Chanel nail polishes in a little refrigerator by her make-up area.  It always reminds me so much of my Mom, and I one day (hopefully) will have a chanel purse that I take on romantic dinners with Doc!


Miss Southern Prep said...

I'M DYING! How is that possible?! I couldn't even dream of a closet that big--INCREDIBLE!

Ashley said...

I know!?! That's crazy...amazing.

mMe said...

Crazy closet!! I remember your mom's chanel nail polish fridge. You totally need to post a picture of that... not to mention she keeps them in her box!!! You should do an interview questionnaire with your Mommy :) She is so stylish!

Ashley said...

Good idea! LOL

Fit With Flash said...

and i thought i was crazy for wanting to take two rooms, open them up and make one closet... geez. love it!

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