Monday, May 2, 2011

I love me some trashy TV

So I'm still not out of my Royal Wedding obsession, but I will suppress the urge to write about it.  Is it weird that I want to be the 3rd person in Will and Kate's relationship?  Don't answer that.

So now that I'm NOT going to write about the Royal Wedding (I should have just called this blog "Will & Kate's Stalker"), what on Earth do I write about?  Just kidding!  Do any of you watch The Real Housewives shows?  I LOVE all the series...well most of them.  I'm currently watching the Orange County one and man oh man, the drama!  It is my second favorite RH series, right behind Beverly Hills!  Oooo I love the Beverly Hills one!  The girls are soo glamorous yet, so catty and immature!  And I just recently discovered Bravo posts weekly blog entries from the girls after each week's episode--I love hearing what they have to say.

 Here's my ranking of RH series from best to worst (in my opinion):
  1. RH of Beverly Hills
  2. RH of Orange County
  3. RH of NY
  4. RH of Miami (They need some work but I gotta support)
  5. RH of NJ
  6. RH of Atlanta
Is that all of them?  What are your favorites?

Side note: I tend to be highly attracted to trashy TV.  Examples: RH series, 16 and pregnant, Teen Mom, Bethany Ever After, Pregnant in Heels, Keeping up with the Kardashians, all other Kardashian get the point.

I watch A LOT of TV now that *Doc* (that's what hubby will be called for now--p.s. it took Doc about 20 minutes to decide on what to be called.....I received Thor the destroyer, ghetto booty, the captain, and turd burglar prior to settling on Doc.) is busy studying for boards!  I have a whole lot of time to myself when I'm not working, so the TV is almost always on and I'm sitting on my ass in front of it.  I could probably use all this down time to do productive things such as work out, but no, I somehow always choose to watch shows that only make me dumber...


mMe said...

Hey Ashley! Just wanted to let you know, you are part of the paying it forward tag on my blog!

Jane said...

Love me so Real Housewives, make that all trashy TV.

Ashley said...

It must run in the family :)

mMe said...

Haha that is really funny. You forgot to mention DC, is that because it is horrible ;)???

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