Sunday, May 1, 2011

Let's Bring Hats Back!

So, ever since my obsession with the Royal Wedding started...I've been thinking, why don't we (in America) wear hats to events?  I love the tradition and some of those hats were gorgeous...others, not so much!  It'd be so much fun to add that accessory for special occasions!  Here are my best and worst hats from the royal wedding:

Best (in no particular order):

Carole Middleton in a Jane Corbett hat: Perfect little hat for the Mother of the Bride. Her dress on the other hand was a bit underwhelming..

The Lady Spencers (Diana's nieces): I LOVE these hats! Soo cute!  Side note: I think these girls are GORGEOUS!  They kinda look like future playboy bunnies with that hair, but seriously, the Spencer genes are like a gold mine... 

Victoria Beckham in a Philip Treacy hat: I really liked her hat even though a lot of people didn't.  The placement of it is a little strange, but I think its really chic. I did think she maybe should have worn something a little brighter, instead of looking like she was going to a funeral.

I have to recognize David Beckham How beautiful is he?  Like talk about upstaging the bride!  He was just as beautiful as Princess Catherine was!

Joss Stone: Not sure who she's wearing, but I thought it was a pretty sun hat!  She looked very smart in her coral suite with this hat....I'm not feeling the nose ring though.

Worst Hats (in no particular order):

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia of York: Do I really need to comment on these atrocities?  They look like hot messes and totally ridiculous.

Chelsi Davy (Harry's on and off girlfriend):  First, that's not even a hat. DISAPPOINTING.  Second, she looks like she's hung-over!  That hair is a mess.  The dress--not flattering.  Overall, not impressive what-so-ever!

Zara Phillips: Pretty face, but look at that hat!  I don't even know what to say--its just so unflattering!

Princess Anne: Ok, hair is just too big to set a hat on top of that!  Not to mention, her coat resembles your grandmother's couch...

There are so many more hats I could mention, but those are just the few that stood out to me!  So seriously, those of you who could be getting married in the near future (ehem, you know who you are..), let's bring hats back!  I'll start hat shopping now.


mMe said...

I totally agree about Chelsea Davy. This wedding was the perfect opportunity for her to be showcased as a lady and POSSIBLY Harry's future wife. WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT! Hungover is a perfect was to describe her look. Her hat looks like it was from Claire's!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Loved this post! And I totally agree Princess Beatrice and Eugenia looked a mess! Up close Princess Beatrice's eye makeup looked awful! She wore way to much black eyeliner on my opinion!

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