Monday, May 30, 2011

Man vs. Food

The most exciting thing Doc and I did this weekend was......see Adam Richman from Man vs. Food at our local grocery store, Giant Eagle Market District!  Well this isn't just a normal grocery store...its got everything!  They have a huge cafe area with a gelato, waffles, pizza, sandwich, smoothie, coffee, rosti, asian, indian, etc. stations!  I could go on and on, the store is seriously crazy!  There are only 4 Market District's in the U.S. right now, and they have a whole cooking area so they bring in celebrity chefs to do cooking demos and what not. 

Anyway, it was really cool meeting Adam Richman!  I've never met a celebrity before, and he was really down to Earth!  We had awesome seats.....front row center so he totally was looking at us while he was talking and then later thanked us for our "positive energy" because we laughed at all his jokes and what not.  He cooked greek style lamb burgers, which we all got to try and it was really good!  I'm not a lamb eater but I decided to try it, and surprisingly liked it!  We later got his autograph and bought his book.  I'm looking forward to reading it and finding out how he started.  Doc and I aren't like HUGE Man vs. Food fans but we watch it when its on TV and we sometimes write down places he's eaten at so we can go there one day.  Here are some pics of him that I snapped:

We spent the rest of the weekend with the in-laws, just hanging out!  We ate very well (as always when we visit either of our parents)....we had lobsters Sunday night and a cook out today.  Also came home with lots of great food and sweets, so all in all it was a great long weekend!

How was everyone else's Memorial Day weekends?


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