Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Future Closet

Ok, so it's every "girly-girl's" dream to have a HUGE closet, right?  Well, it's definitely a must have in my future home.  My current closet isn't too bad a size, and I already take up more than half of it!  I would LOVE to one day build a house and I sooooo hope I get to because there are so many things I want, the way I want it!  I mean the kitchen and bathroom are two very important rooms as would just be so fun to design a house to your specific needs and exactly how you want it.  (sigh) One day....

Here are a few closet inspirations I'm holding on to for the future ;)

 And then there was Mariah who out-did everyone!

In 20 years, I'll check back with you and see where I am on the above dream.  Doc can have his man cave, while I have my dream closet.  Seems fair, right?  

Do you have a future dream closet as well?


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