Friday, May 6, 2011

Things I'm Lusting After Right Now

Happy Friday everyone!  Wow, this week seemed to fly by fast!  No special plans for this weekend--just sleeping and probably a lot of TV.  I will stay away from the mall (I'm going to keep chanting that to myself...) because I told myself that last week...and where did I find myself...the mall.  So to keep myself from actually shopping, I'll show you a little of what I'm lusting after currently (aka what I've been window shopping for).  I will have these things one day....

Lululemon Athletica
I do yoga every week with my friend Lindsay and a lot of people in our class wear Lululemon clothing (our instructor only wears their clothing).  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Lululemon is a high end yoga/workout clothing line (check out their website here).  Luckily, we have a store here in Columbus so I was able to try some clothes will change your life!  Soooo freakin' comfortable and seriously, just amazing!  BUT, here's the big but, they are very expensive!  Like $80 for yoga pants, $50 for work out tops, $100 for zip ups, and even a $100 mat!  But.....I need them right? :)

Power Y Tank:

 Wunder Under Crop Pant:

"The Mat" (This I actually need, because I have a huge problem with my hands and feet slipping on the mat during downward facing dog and similar poses.  Lululemon's "The Mat" is made with super-grippy polyurethane so you won't slip and its thicker which is easier on your body AND..its not $100...its $70...ok it's still a lot):

Alexis Bellino Couture:
Ok, you all saw my Real Housewives blog post so you know how much I like the series.  Alexis Bellino is one of the RH of Orange County and she is just starting her own dress and clothing line.  She's not my fav housewife BUT when I heard she was starting her own line, naturally I was curious what kinds of things she's making.  Well, a few episodes ago, I noticed she was wearing this gorgeous black maxi dress when she and her family went to San Diego for vacay (or Holiday since I'm loving everything British now...but I digress).  I loved that dress the minute I laid eyes on it!  I immediately googled it and soon after that episode aired, she announced that it was one of her dresses and it will be on sale within a few weeks!  I pre-registered for it, and last night I received an email saying they were available for purchase.  Here's my dilemma, I do not know how her sizes run and what kind of quality the dress is going to be.  It's so cute but what if its the wrong size or I dont like it....they said no returns!  Ugh...I'm thinking I'll wait a month or so and see what people are saying about it?  I hope its not all sold out by then...  Here are the pics of it (P.S. On the show she said she wore a black bandeau underneath it, so the dress does not actually come with the black across the top.  It comes like the first pic here):

Dress: $69.95 (go to

Tori Burch Shoes:
As you all know, I LOVE shoes!  Well I'm especially in love with Tori Burch's shoes right now.  I don't own a pair...yet...but I always end up eying her Reva Ballet Flats when I'm in Saks.  I would like the following colors...please :)

I am a huge wedge lover as well and Tori Burch has the cutest ones right now!  I'll also take one of each of these:

That's all I have at the moment, but stay tuned for a lot more posts like this since I've become a professional "Window Shopper".  You'll probably get another one later today....  Hope everyone has a great Friday!


mMe said...

Wow I would totally expect her clothes to be super expensive. I agree about the sizing, since she is just starting out it could be all over the place.

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I have black patent Tory Revas and love them! Next on my list is either a tan pair like you posted or a gold pair, hmmm!

Natalie said...

I love your list, Wunder Unders and TB flats are on my wish list, too!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm adding a new pair of Revas to my wardrobe this summer--LOVE them! I love that black Alexis dress--I actually really like it with the bandeau, too!

P.S. Thanks so much for following my blog! Hope you had a wonderful day!

Taylor said...

LOVE your blog!! And I agree with you - I would wait and see what kind of reviews it got. Does it say what size she was wearing? That might help a little. Did you watch the episode where she took the photographs for her dress line? Hysterical!

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