Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Update

I've had such an enjoyable weekend!  Yesterday, I shopped and today I laid out by the pool and ran a few errands....we've had such a great weather here in Ohio!  Loving the sunshine!

Tuesday is my birthday so I received my parents gift in the mail on Friday (I don't believe in waiting to open presents) and I got makeup!  My mom also sent me her old Clarisonic because she got a new one (score for me) so wow, let me tell you, that thing is amazing to clean your face with!  Does anyone have a Clarisonic?  If not, its totally worth the money to get one.  My face has never felt so smooth and clean! 

Anyway, back to the makeup.....I got Dior Addict lip stick.  LOVE IT!  Its made to change colors depending on the person its on and its super shiny!  Very hydrating as well.

I also got Sephora's Smokey Eyes Palette.  I haven't used it yet, but I can't wait!  I'll give an update once I do.  It comes with instructions for what to use when and how.  It seems easy...we'll see if it looks like it should! 

And lastly, I got 2 different eye shadows by the Sephora Collection.  I haven't used those either yet, but I've heard the Sephora brand eye shadows are great!  I'll let you know.

I also did some shopping yesterday (as I mentioned) since I had birthday money from my generous in-laws soo I finally got my Lululemon Wunder Under Crops! (See my recent post on them here)  Yay! Can't wait to use them this week in Yoga.  I also bought a cute dress in Express for summer.  I couldn't find a picture of it online though.  I'll post a picture of me at some point in it.  Then lastly, I got these really cute wedges in Nordstrom by Steve Madden! 


I'm a little annoyed because I wanted them in black and the sales lady told me they didn't make them in black, but what do ya know, I look online and they have them in black!  I was just a little afraid that the white parts would get dirty but I'll just be extra careful.  I think I like them in white better now anyway!  As mentioned earlier, I need FLAT sandals but I just couldn't resist these!  They look so cute on and I don't have any white wedges, so still on the hunt for cute flats.....

Hope you all are having a great rest of the weekend!  Doc takes the boards tomorrow (eeek!), so we are going to the Melting Pot tomorrow to celebrate it being over as well as my birthday the next day!  He has been studying for the last 6 weeks for this, about 13 hours a day soooo we will both glad its over!  Now let just cross our fingers that he does amazingly well! :)


mMe said...

I have the clarisonic mia. Was not a fan but I want to give it another whirl...I just have to go buy a new brush head!

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