Friday, June 10, 2011

I Still Can't Get Enough!

Forget Prince William!  In her first post-wedding formal appearance, the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Katherine, headed to the ARK anniversary dinner in London looking absolutely stunning in a blush pink Swarovski crystal-embroidered gown by Jenny Packham.  It is an off the rack dress too.  Only $6,000.  No big deal.  Now (of course!) the dress has completely sold out, along with her shoes....unless you want them in red and black BUT we all know that's just not the same!

Marriage is agreeing with her, right?  She just looks like she's don't think!?!  Uh oh, PREGGERS?  Lol I'm just kidding....well kinda.  But she really looks so beautiful and this dress is a bit more flashy than normal for her.  I mean her white Reiss dress from her engagement photos and then the navy Issa wrap dress were a little well, boring.  Beautiful and elegant none the less, but this Jenny Packman dress is bringing out the glitz!  My kinda dress for sure!

What do you think of Kate's dress?

P.S. How hilarious is Prince William's face in this pic? LOL


mMe said...

she looks beautiful! does she have those little heel casing over the stiletto to keep it from getting ruined?

Ashley said...

Hmm...yea it looks like it..

Anonymous said...

OH I agree with you! I love them both and Kate is just stunning. Those shoes are too cute.

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