Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Back!

Hola!  Feels like I've been gone forever.  I am finally back from a little vacay to visit my family in Miami and it was wonderful!  Doc and I were down there a whole week, which doesn't happen often nowadays and probably won't for a very long time, but it was a very relaxing week filled with TOO MUCH FOOD!  Oy vey bloggie bloggers....I seriously ate sooo much, its not even funny.  We went out to eat basically every meal and that definitely took its toll!  You know that feeling where you just can't even look at food or think about it because your so damn full?  Yea, had that to the extreme.  Lots of working out to do now... :)

Anywho, over the weekend we went down to this country club on Key Largo called Ocean Reef and it was pure bliss.  My family and I have been going down there since I was born and I ALWAYS make a point to go when I'm visiting now, so we actually stayed overnight this time (we usually just go down for the day since its only about an hour from Miami).  I felt like I was in Hawaii again! was our 1 year anniversary!!!  Can't believe its already been a year!  But I have a separte blog post for that, so I'll leave you with some pics from our vacay for now:


Taylor said...

You look so good blonde! Love it! I've been toying with going red! Eeek! I want to do something different but I hate bangs and I don't want to lose any of the length I've worked so hard to grow!

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