Thursday, July 28, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 & a little dream of mine...

Happy Thursday everyone!

So I'm super excited because tonight is the premier of Project Runway Season 9!!  I LOVE this show!  I really got into it a few seasons ago, and its like crack for me! 

I so wish I had the talent to do what they do!  I think that would be soo much fun.  I mean does it ever happen to you that you have a particular piece of clothing in your head that you want to find and buy, but you can't find it?  Well, that happens to me quite often and I think....if I could only just make it! 

I took a costuming class in college so I learned how to use the sewing machine but I never really had enough time to practice it.  I was also learning how to create and mend costumes...not real clothes.  I did make a tutu (which is hanging on my wall in a HUGE shadow box) but making a tutu is different than clothing.  Both are hard, but different.  So this brings me to a totally realistic little dream of mine....I wish I could be a fashion designer!  I mean, I have a serious passion for fashion (yes, that rhymed...) and I have the interest to learn how to do it.  Now, I guess I just need the talent.  :)

We have a local college here called Columbus College of Art and Design that has adult classes I could take in the evenings, so I've seriously thought about taking their Pattern Drafting and Sewing class but I just haven't done it yet.  The prices for the class keep going up and down, so I'm hoping to catch it when its down and just enroll.  I know I'd enjoy every minute of it, so it'd be money well spent!  They also offer a figure drawing class, which is probably something I should take.  I'm not a terrible drawer, but I wouldn't consider myself good.  I'll need to sketch out my ideas right?

No matter what comes of learning how to make clothes, I think I just want to do it for myself.  I mean I am realistic...I don't expect to become a famous fashion designer (I don't even know if I'll be any good at it) but I would thoroughly enjoy having this as a creative outlet!  Since I stopped dancing, I find myself void of a creative outlet.  I could go back to dancing, but for some reason...I just can't.  Maybe too many years of doing it?  Maybe because I know the opportunity to perform is gone, so what's the point?  I don't know, but I think I've been waiting a while to be able to explore my other interests and maybe its about time to do that, right?

I've had other little ideas of hobby's or things I could do, but somehow I've never quite brought myself to do them.  I wonder why?  Laziness?  Probs.  I work 8-5 everyday and when I come home, I'm tired.  I make dinner and try to work out, and my evenings are spent watching TV or movies with Doc so I guess I just stopped trying to fit other things in.  On weekends, I have much more time and where will you most likely find me?  The mall!  And then I banned myself because I started to buy too much.....

You see--I need a hobby where I'm not going to spend a ton of money!  Yea, I know....prob doesn't exist.  If I was more into working out, that'd probably be cheaper considering we have a free gym in our apartment complex, BUT shopping and clothes are just too damn fun! 

Thanks for listening to me vent!  I'll keep you updated on the status of my little dream here.  What hobbies do you all do?  Besides blogging, duh! 

Have any of you had a hobby you really wanted to do but didn't have the experience?  How did you get started?


Jordan said...

I'm in school for Apparel and I love it! I took basic sewing last semester and all my classes are surrounding design this fall. I've always been similar to you, where I can never find what I like. I like either a basic piece with a detailed bright fabric, or a structured solid color piece. I never found exactly what i was looking for, but last semester I made a basic mini and used a big floral fabric and it was so me!

I think you should definitely take the class. There is nothing more satisfying than a person asking you where you got something and you saying..."OH this?! I made it!".

I couldn't figure out when PR9 was starting, so thanks for telling me:)

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Ash you would be great at fashion design! If it's something you would be interested in go for it! Take the class!

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