Friday, August 26, 2011

Please Excuse my Absence

Happy Friday everyone!

Quick post!  I will be leaving today for a fun filled weekend in Niagara Falls with mi madre!  I will be back on Tuesday night soo please excuse my absence.  :)

Update: I got those green GAP jean leggings in the mail yesterday (previously mentioned here and here), and they're no bueno.  I think I got a size too small, but I think even if I went up a size...they're just too tight!!  I think I'd prefer a pair that were less "legging-y" (not a word, but you get me right?) and more like skinny jeans.  And the waist comes up higher than I care for, AND they're too long!  Ugh, disappointing. Anyway, back they go. 

P.S. Not sure why I'm speaking in Spanish selectively today...its Friday... Have a great weekend everyone! 


Molly said...

I just got a pair of red cord jeggings (?) from F21 and they fit perfectly! I was not expecting that at all, but you should check them out. I am definitely going back for more!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Have a blast at Niagara Falls! I can't wait to see pictures. Safe travels :)

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