Monday, September 19, 2011

Emmys Best Dressed

Warning: this is a really long post...sorry!

Did any of you watch the Emmys last night?  I caught most of it....especially the Red Carpet pre-show on E!  Love Guilianna and Ryan!  Anyway, you all know I watch LOTS of TV so the Emmys were a bit more interesting to me since I knew most of the shows being nominated.   

Modern Family cleaned house in the Comedy category which came as no surprise to me.....that show is hilarious! I can watch episodes over and over again and they're still just as funny!!  I was a little sad to see Dexter didn't win any drama awards....but who can compete with Mad Men in the same category??  Confession.....I have not actually watched a single Mad Men episode but I WANT TO!!  Hubby and I are waiting for the in-laws to finish Season 1 on DVD and then we'll start watching it.

But seriously....we watch sooo many fickin TV shows!  Here's a little run down of what we have recording now and this Fall on our DVR: Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, The Office, Community, Jerseylicious (yes, Hubby likes this show!), Keeping Up with the Kardashians (yup, got him to watch this show too)....and then I alone watch Project Runway, Guiliana and Bill, Real Housewives of everything.......and then he alone watches South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, etc. etc...... Yea....we're nutzzzz!

Anyway, back to the real reason for my posting today (come on, Ashley. Get it together.).....the Fashion from the Emmys last night!  Now, I wasn't completely wow'd with the fashion overall but it wasn't bad by any means!  We'll go over the best dressed today and tomorrow, I'll give you my worst dressed...

Ladies in RED:

My FAVORITE from the night!!!  Nina Dobrev (from The Vampire Diaries) looked AH-MAZING in this Donna Karen jaw dropping dress!  This hugged her body in all the right places and the bottom of her dress.....!!!

Lea Michelle (from Glee) in a pretty Marchesa low back gown!  Love the dress.....just don't love her.  I'm just not a Glee fan and there's something about her I don't like....but that's neither here nor there when we're discussing fashion! P.S. Did you know that Marchesa refused to dress more than one person for the Emmys and they wouldn't tell anyone who that one person was? I bet Lea made them promise not to dress anyone else....sounds like something she would do....

Now on to "The Sexiest Woman on the Face of this Planet" according to my dear husband who must have stated this at least 3 times last night. Of course he added the "besides you" at the end.... Uh, huh.  Sure. Anyway, Sofia Vergara was stunning in her Vera Wang one shoulder gown.  Her jewels were even more amazing!

I thought Kate Winslet looked absolutely beautiful in this Elie Saab red dress! The cap sleeves and train were beautiful touches, yet the dress is so simple! I loved her hair as well.  Well done girl!

And finally, Kerry Washington looked equally stunning in her Zuhair Murad red strapless dress!  I love how the bottom half is see through, and the detailed edge along the bottom is gorgeous!

There were MANY more ladies who wore red, just too many to do a post about!  On to some of my other favorites:

Heidi Klum paid homage to to Project Runway with a design by Christian Siriano (Season 4 winner!) I love the fact that she wore one of "their" designers and not a larger fashion house. I thought this dress was very fun and different!

I loved Zooey Deschanel in a fun Monique Lhuillier pink ball gown!  I mean, come on people, she's quirky so this was totally fitting for her.  The orange sash paired with the pink is very trendy right now, yet very Monique Lhuillier.  I really loved the way she did her hair and eye make-up too! 10 from me!  Sorry, I couldn't find a better picture of her....

Evan Rachel Wood looked beautiful in a simple, sequin black Elie Saab gown!  That silouette looks great on her....and you can't see it in the picture, but the dress has a low back as well.

I loved Colbie Smulders in this blue Alberta Ferreti goddess-like dress! That blue is just stunning against the red carpet.  Colbie really set herself apart from the rest with this choice!

Now I have mixed feelings about this next one. I love Julie Bowen and last night she wore a beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress, with a gorgeous plunging neckline BUT I did think she looked a little too skinny in it!  I also was not loving her hair, but I'm still putting her on my best dressed list because this was still a beautiful dress (and with having smaller boobs, it didn't look slutty on her...just the right amount of sexy!)

And finally, we have Christina Hendricks in a Johanna Johnson custom dress, covered in Swarovski crystals and glass beads! She really knows how to work her curves, huh? I'm not going to say anything about the neckline because really, did we expect anything less? I loved the overall design of this dress, but I did think the light color washed her pale skin out a bit.

There were many more who had gorgeous dresses, but these ladies really stood out to me!  Stay tuned for my worst dressed list tomorrow.....

Have a great rest of the day!


Amanda said...

I loved all those red dresses too! Kate winslet was so cute when she won! And also my John has the same feelings about Sofia as your John lol.

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Loved the red dresses especially Lee Michelles with the low back, I think that dress is my favorite. And Heidi Klums was so fun! Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the Emmy's because Mark and I were driving! But I have been watching Emmy Recaps to catch all the fashion!

Grace - Stripes and Sequins said...

Loved Heidi and Christina's dresses - both were so fun & different! And red was definitely the color of the night - so fabulous!

Laura said...

In love with Nina's Donna Karan dress, stunning!

Laura x

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