Friday, September 2, 2011

I hate this feeling...

I'm so upset right now.  Last night, I realized that I lost a very important bracelet of mine.  While I was at the hair salon on Wednesday night, they gave me a hand and arm massage so the girl asked me to take off my jewelry.  I had this little gold bracelet on, which was mine from when I was little.  It is a little name tag bracelet with my name on one side and on the other is my birth date.  I recently found it at home in Miami and decided to start wearing it again, and I never take it off.  Its just one of those bracelets thats hard to clip yourself so I just don't take it on and off very often. 

Well, when the girl asked me to take the bracelet off, I almost didn't but I went ahead and took it off anyway.  I held it in my other hand while she was massaging and then when I got back to my chair, I placed it in my purse and now I can't find it!  I went looking for it last night (so about 27 hours after I first took it off) and its not anywhere in my purse!  I'm trying to retrace my steps, but it doesn't seem like I'm having any luck...

After the hair salon, I stopped at the grocery store so I'm thinking that the bracelet could have fallen out while I was getting my wallet out at either the salon or grocery store.  I've already stopped by the grocery store and no one has it...looked in the parking lot...looked in my car....looked in my house...looked in my purse about 8 times.....looked at my desk at work...looked in the parking lot at work....called the hair salon--the receptionist hasn't seen it but he's going to check with everyone.  The last place to look is the path I took to the parking lot after the hair salon. 

I'm so nervous that maybe someone found it and took it.  I don't know why they'd want it seeing as how it has my name and birthday on it...but some people don't have the best intentions.  I keep thinking and hoping its going to show up somewhere, but I don't know where....  It doesn't make sense to me because this purse wasn't one to have stuff fall out of it. 

Now I just keep beating my head against the wall with WHY did I take it off!? Or WHY didn't I just ask my stylist to clip it back on my wrist!?! Or WHY did it take my 27 hours to finally go pull it out of my purse...Ugh. 

While I was on my trip in Niagara, I went to the bathroom at a restaurant and found a pair of women's designer sunglasses in the stall I was in.  I remember thinking, what if that was me? I'd be so pissed if someone took my sunglasses, so when I came out I turned them in to the staff at the restaurant.  Do you think that's some good karma for me?  Enough to bring my bracelet back to me?? I hope so....

I hate this feeling.  I can't think about anything else.  Has that every happened to you?  Have you ever lost something and you can't like function until you find it?

Please say a little prayer that my bracelet gets found!  And thanks for letting me vent girls. :)


gadabout said...

Sorry to hear about the lost bracelet :( Stay optimistic and think about how exciting it will be when you find it again!

Amanda said...

I had a similar experience with a diamond earring of mine, it showed up like a month later in the bag I looked through a million times! I'll pray the same happens for you!

Mademoiselle Michael said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear this. I HATE losing jewelry because of the significant personal value it has. But take heart, I lost my favorite ring this summer, and JUST found it yesterday. I hope that your bracelet takes a lead from my ring, and shows up this week too! MademoiselleMichael

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