Friday, September 9, 2011


This week flew by fast, huh?  No complaints outa me!

What are ya'll doing this weekend?  I have a fairly quiet weekend ahead of me.  I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow though!  I haven't cut it in like 6 months, so its definitely needed.  I had my hair pretty short before (for me)...see exhibit A:

My sister and I in New York City
I was going to show you, Exhibit hair now....buttttttt I just realized, I don't have a picture of me now with my hair down. Lol! Whoops...sorry girls. It's down past my shoulders now, but I'm not really cutting it for length, as I'm trying to grow my hair back out!  When its long, I want it short...when its blonde, I want it brown, etc. You know what I'm talking about...  I really just want to re-shape my hair because its kinda boring. 

I'm thinking some side bangs again and a lot more layers?  I will give you an update this weekend! (And I'll make sure to take a before and after pic........bad blogger me)

Anyway, random side note....I'm very excited because Sheridan French's new website just launched today!  You can now buy her clothes online and you can see many more pictures of her new Resort 2012 Collection!  Although, her clothes won't be available for purchase until after the new year (but you can create wish lists and email them to your boyfriends/husbands!!) She does all the modeling on her website and can we just talk about how pretty she is??!!!  I love her style.  I want her hair too. Ok, now I'm getting creepy.  Anyway, I love love love her clothes, but I just wish they weren't sooo expensive! 

I think my favorite item so far, is the Orange Adelaid Tunic seen above.  The detailing is beautiful! day....OR NOW.  No, day. :)

What are your plans for this weekend?


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