Monday, September 12, 2011

Updates and More Updates!

Is it seriously already Monday again? Ugh.

Workout update: I'm still going strong with working out in the mornings.  I didn't work out over the weekend (sleeping in is a MUCH bigger priority for me...) but I got up bright and early today and did a workout video! I'm feeling pretty sleeply right now though, but that's expected since I couldn't fall asleep until like 11:30 PM last night (the consequence for sleeping in...) so I'm sure I'll  be crashing early tonight! 

I'll use this for motivation on all those sleepy mornings:

Bracelet update: No, I unfortunately have not found my bracelet yet................ (previously mentioned here)

Hair update: So, as I mentioned in my last post....I got my haircut over the weekend.  I think I like it.  Let's back track a minute.

I decided to go to a "stylist in training" at my salon this time.  The haircuts are only $17.50 so I was like umm ok, you can't really beat that!  I wasn't paying that much more for hair cuts before, but it was at a different salon and I have been getting my hair colored by a different stylist at a different salon for some time now, so I didn't want to go back to my old stylist at my old salon since she'd know I've been coloring my hair by someone else.  Following me?  Ok, good.

I don't know why, but I always feel weird about going back to a stylist that I've been "cheating on".  I know it happens all the time though!  Anyway, I wanted to change the style of my hair, not so much the length since I've been trying to grow it out.  I told her to re-cut my side bangs and layer my hair.  She did as she was told, but I think she went a little too cut happy on one side of my head so my side bangs are really thick and the hair just past that is super layered (highest layers around my ear length).  THEN on the other side of my head....the highest layers were chin length. 

I did not notice this leaving the salon......once I got home, Doc says to me....umm I think one side is longer than the other.  I was like whattt?!  Then I took a really good look in the mirror, and he was right!  So I immediately called the salon and booked my stylist for the next day.  She was super sweet about it, and fixed it...kinda.  The whole problem to begin with she cut too much on one can't add hair back unfortunately and I didn't want her chopping away on the other side so she just evened the layers out a bit.  Now they match, but I'm not sure how crazy I am about the cut.  I won't go back to this girl.....that's what I get for going to a stylist in training though.  She's still learning, so I knew the cut wasn't going to be perfect.  Here are a few pics:

The side that she went a little chop crazy on:

  From the front:

Other side:
Now that I have a bunch of short layers, you can really see my darker color underneath (I have partial highlights)....not sure how I feel about this...
While I'm super sleepy today, I'm also really excited because on Thursday is my first Pattern Drafting & Sewing class at Columbus College of Art & Design!  As I mentioned here, I really need to take up a hobby....a creative one and I love fashion so I decided to sign up for a class to really learn how to make clothes.  I would loveeeeee to start doing that (and maybe one day have my own line?!?) so its a 12 week course, almost 3 hour classes once a week!  I will definitely keep you updated on my progress there!

Have a great week everyone!


In Pursuit of Style said...

I just got my haircut and I think it definitely takes a while to get used to - and to grow in to...

In Pursuit of Style

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I love your new haircut Ash! Super Cute!

Amanda said...

I like your hair too! I'm getting mine cut on Wednesday by a new stylist so I'm a little nervous too! Sewing class sounds so fun! I wish I could sew!

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