Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VS Fashion Show Recap

Ok, did you all watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night?  Wow. I need to fast ASAP. Just kidding!  Those girlies looked amazing and I just love all their outfits!  Being a designer for this show would be such a cool job, right? Ok, I'll let the pictures do all of the talking!

Here are my favorites from last night:

And I think my favoriteeeee section of all was the Aquatic one!  Here are my favs from there, beginning with the $2.5 Million Fantasy Treasure Bra:

And then I have to mention this new girl that they were kinda highlighting during the show.  I guess they found her while casting for the show......she is soooooooooo skinny!  I mean, I know all these girls are skinny, but she was like super skinny.  Did anyone notice that she had like the longest legs ever?! Take a look....

What did you all think of the show?  I think it can get a little cheesy here and there, but all in all its a good show.  The one thing that bothered me {and this is so stupid} but for some of the girls who were wearing thongs or their undies were up their butt.....did you notice their butts were blurred out when they turned around?  I noticed it on a couple of girls and it annoyed me.  I mean hello...its 10:00 PM and its the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!  If your not allowed to show a little cheek, then don't air the show.  The whole point is to see them in lingerie!  I don't mean to sound like I want to see their butts LOL, I'm just saying don't blur it out like we're teenagers ya know?  I don't think you can mistake this for being appropriate for kids right?  Well, nowadays you never know I guess!  Did anyone else notice the censoring too? Am I the only one that that bothered?

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VS Fashion Show Tonight!

Is it not super pathetic that I am overly excited for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight?  I always look forward to it (....and maybe I pretend I'm actually on that runway....) Those girls always give me the motivation to work out through the holidays BUT last week, I did hear about some interview Adriana Lima gave....and apparently she gave away their diet and workout regime leading up to the show.  I guess that was a bit of a 'no no' because she was so brutally honest about how they eat?  I don't think its bad....I'd rather hear exactly how they do it because then you don't feel so bad watching them.  It's like....she may look good but she went through hell to get there.  Rather than, that bi*ch ate cheetos and cake and still looks effing amazing!  LOL {Click here to read her interview article}

And how freakin cute are these two? 

Recap of the show to come tomorrow!! Are any of you watching it too?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Andddd I'm Back!

Phew, what a long day!  This morning I flew back from Miami and as soon as I landed, I went straight to work...boooo....but luckily I was only there for a handful of hours before it was time to go home! 

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  Lots of eating and spending time with family.  How was your Thanksgiving?  Did any of your participate in Black Friday?  I did not. I have never actually participated and I really have no interest.  I'm a terrible "sale" shopper.  I get overwhelmed with the disorganization of sale clothes and I hate fighting crowds.  Just not my cup of tea but I know you can really get some great discounts!

On Thanksgiving day, its always our family tradition to go to a movie and this year we saw The Descendants with George Clooney.  I really liked it but it was kinda a depressing movie (especially for Thanksgiving).  I won't ruin the movie for you all, but its basically about George Clooney's character and him trying to cope with his wife being in a coma.  There was some humor sprinkled throughout the movie so it wasn't just heavy the whole time, but I do think George Clooney did a great job--I'd be surprised if he doesn't get nominated for some type of award for it.  The movie takes place in Hawaii so it definitely made me want to go back so bad!!  Has anyone else seen The Descendants?  What did you think?

Hope you all have a great rest of the night!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Miami & a giveaway from Style Me Swanky

Happy Pre-Turkey Day everyone!

I am mucho excited because today I am flying here......

.......home to Miami!  Just 5 more hours of work to get through and then its sunshine and warm weather for me!  I am making sure to allow myself plenty of time to get to the airport because I just don't want to run into any big delays being that its, oh only, the busiest travel day of the year!!  Anyone else traveling today?

On another note, I have a fabulous giveaway to tell you about!  Megan, of Style Me Swanky, is hosting a jewelry giveaway from Miss B Jewelry Designs and they are soooo cute!  She is giving away 1 pair of earrings of your choice, so make sure you head on over to her blog to check out Miss B's latest collection!  Megan actually won my giveaway, so you think maybe I'll win her's?!  Ok, well I'm crossing my fingers because these earrings are just so cute! Here's a taste of what some of Miss B's earrings look like:

Super cute pieces right?

Since I will in Miami until Monday, I am not sure how often I will be able to blog soooo have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you all have safe travels and see ya all next week!  Any guesses on what we all will be talking about?  GYM TIME. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

What's in her Purse? with A. Liz Adventures

Happy Monday girlies! 

A little while back, I did a series called "What's in her Purse" (an idea I got from my good friend Megan, click here for that post) and I'm very excited to continue this series again!  Who's bag are we looking into today??  Well, my new bloggie friend, April, from A. Liz Adventures!  April blogs about everything from newlywed life to DIY crafts, fashion, cooking, and so much more!  Make sure you stop on over to her blog after this--her wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous! :)

Without furth ado, here is April:

Hi gals, and thank you so much to Ashley for allowing me to dump the contents of my handbag for her "What's In Her Purse" series.  Now, first things first, let me clarify that I did just clean out my purse a few days ago from the paperwork that it accumulates.  My normal purse contents include everything you see here along with some bills to pay, a few random receipts, and maybe even a Bed Bath & Beyond or ULTA coupon!
Here's what you will find in my purse as we speak:
1) One of my favorite bags to carry is this Coach purse that I got for Christmas.  It is perfect ... short handles, a long strap, and a few interior compartments for organization.  And the inside is this gorgeous baby blue color.
2) This is my day planner.  It's also Coach.  It is stuffed to the brim with papers!  I also keep my hair inspiration pictures in this for my haircut appointments.  Blog topics that I want to cover are also jotted down on each day's section.
3) Antibacterial hand gel.  With as much traveling as I do, I don't like getting sick.
4) Lipstick case with Lancome lipstick.  Pink, naturally.  :)
5) Aveda Hand Relief lotion.  The best, hands down.  It makes your hands so smooth and it smells great.  A super stocking stuffer for all of you doing holiday shopping!
6) My car keys with my branch coral keyring
7) Peppermint gum - how I try to manage my sweets cravings!
8) I love, love, love these Spin Pins.  I keep them in my purse for quick updos.
9) Kleenex - leftover from last week when I was battling a cold
10) A Caribou Coffee gift card that a co-worker gave me last week.  I did some calligraphy for her on the dedication page of a Bible she bought for her mother-in-law and she surprised me with this as a thank-you!  Too sweet.
11) My little square calling cards from Minted.  I love these.  They have my name, email address, and blog address on them.
12) My current lip loves: L'Oreal Rouge Pulp in a pale pink, Two Faced Lip Injection, and a dark pink Avon liner.  I like to combine all three.
13) Yep, I have to carry two phones.  The iPhone is for my personal use, and the BlackBerry is for work.  I put off buying the iPhone for way too long -- my love affair with it is in full force now.
14) My Coach wallet & checkbook.  Yep, you know I have the animal print checks!
So thank you again Ashley for letting me play in the "Whats In Her Purse" series!  I hope you all liked taking a quick peek at what I carry around with me all day.  Please come visit me at A. Liz Adventures and follow along with some of my daily musings.  Plus, I have a really great giveaway coming later this week to celebrate my one full year of blogging!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Guest Posting on Happily Ever Healthy!

Happy Sunday morning everyone!

I forgot to let yo know yesterday, but head on over to Happily Ever Healthy to see my guest posting about my Thanksgiving traditions! Only 4 days till turkey day! :)

Hope you all are having great weekends!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Happy Friday!

This weekend should be quite busy!  Tonight, Doc and I are going out to dinner with some of our friends and then joining them for the OSU basketball game.  They had extra tickets through work in one of the suites, so looks like we're doing that tonight! 

Then tomorrow, Doc has to go help his grandma move (not much fun there...) but I am doing another photo shoot!!  I'll give you details later, but it's another wedding theme so my wedding dress will be making another appearance (woohoo third times a charm! I'm totally getting my $$ worth on it huh?) and its a Russian-esque shoot with bare trees, fur, and sultry makeup!  Should be interesting!  See my previous shoots here and here.

The rest of the weekend will be spent cleaning!  Somehow my house has gotten quite messy.....ugh...don't you just hate that feeling?  I always find myself so frustrated when the house is not clean.  That sounds so stupid, but its true! LOL 

Anyway, what are you all doing?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Lust List

Hola everyone!

Woohoo! 1 week from today I will still be sleeping is Thanksgiving!!! The yummiest day of the year! I am so excited to be spending the weekend down in Miami with my family!

In the meantime, this is also one of my favorite times of the year because of all the fab sales that are going on!  What am I wanting this season?  Lots and lots of stuff unfortunately..... Here are a handful of items I'm considering spending my Christmas $$ on:

1. Sewing Machine: Brother CS6000i

With the sewing class I am taking, I decided I'd wait until I finished it to see what kind of sewing machine I want and then buy one, so I'm thinking this is the one I am going to get!  The price is great and its gotten really high reviews.  I've been sewing on a Brother machine in class (but a wayyy more expensive one) and I really like it.  Anyone used this one before?  Suggestions or comments? :)

2. Lululemon: The Mat

I think I may have mentioned this before, but I have serious sliding issues during Yoga classes because my hands and feet sweat so much! (I have hyperhydrosis....its basically overactive sweat glands, but I'm not like a sweaty nasty mess or anything so stop judging...) I have been using towels which help, but they can be a nuisance sometimes.  Apparently this mat is supposed to stop all the sliding around....anyone have experience with it? I know I can always buy one of those towel things made for yoga mats, but that still will require fidgeting with so I thought this mat may be better. 

3.  Aldo Shoes: Forwood Wedges

Ok, I've also totally blogged about these before too (last season when they came out) but I loveeee them and never got them.  Now they are on sale, so I'm thinking if they still have my size, its meant to be right?  I know they're a little crazy....but that's what I love about them!  What do ya think?

4. Jessica Simpson: Ambery boots in black

I need a new black pair of boots--the couple of pairs I have now all have lots of scrunches or folds going on and I find I just want a plain straight pair (if that makes sense?).  I love me some high heels with platforms too so these Jessica Simpson boots I think may be great....I haven't seen them in person though so I'm going to try to track them down and try them on.  Hopefully they're not too hoochie-mama...yes that is a word.

5.  Marc by Marc Jacobs: Amy Crystal Bracelet Watch in Rose Gold

I have been wanting rose gold watch for some time now, and I just came across this one by Marc Jacobs! Lovee it! This would be great paired with a few different bracelets...what do you think?

6.  Botkier: Eden Flap Satchel

Loveeee the colors on this bag!  I think I got a little carried away though because its a wee bit outa my price range....but I still am keeping this on my lust lust!  This now reminds me that I still really want that Cambridge Satchel Co. bag in neon yellow...remember?

Ok, I that's all I got for ya today BUT I'm sure there will be more of these lists to come.....too many cute things and sales going on!

What are you wanting this season?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Girl's Weekend in Louisville!

Happy Tuesday!

Sorry, I had a busy day yesterday so I wasn't able to update you all on my weekend in Louisville with 4 of my besties from college! 

We had a blast!  It's always good catching up with old friends and reminiscing about the good ole' days!  I drove into Louisville on Friday night (and it took me like year to get there because of stupid road work and traffic....ugh nothing is more frustrating than that!) so I got there pretty late, but we still all stayed up and hung out while finishing off a couple of bottles some wine!

On Saturday, we went to Churchill Downs!  That was a lot of fun...I've never been to a horse race before and it was a lot of fun watching them race!  I didn't bet on any of them (I have terrible luck with that stuff...) BUT I did find a hat in the gift shop that I wish I bought!!!  I didn't have my camera with me but a few of my friends have shared their iPhone pics.  Here is all of us trying on the hats in the gift shop:

You can't really see mine but it was a headband....ugh LOVED IT!  I couldn't justify spending $115 on it though.........if I knew I could wear it again I totally would have though!

Here are some pics of Churchill Downs:

Then on Saturday night, we all went out for sushi (which is kinda a tradition with us since college) and it was great!  The lights went out though for like a good minute while we were in the middle of dinner!  I think it was because they were doing some construction outside, but it was really funny sitting there in the dark.  At least we already had our food by then!

We opted not to go out to 4th Street after dinner because we all were soo full and because we're old people now....sitting at home in front of the TV is way more exciting then being in a bar....yes, we are officially old people.  But seriously, it was a lot of fun sitting around in our pjs, eating candy, and watching a movie (which by the way was Water for Elephants and it was sooo good!!) I was so excited to finally see the movie since I read the book, and the story was close...the book is still better but what's new?

So that's pretty much it...on Sunday we woke up and headed back to Columbus.  Pretty great weekend!  How were all of your weekends?  Do anything fun?

Now I'm already brainstorming some hat posts since I've been re-inspired by them.....look back at my Royal Wedding posts at the beginning of this blog....I was quite obsessed! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Off to Louisville!

Happy Veterans Day and Happy Friday!

Sorry I've neglected you all this week...its been super busy!! One thing after another and no time to blog!

Anywho.....I'm very excited because I am driving to Louisville tonight to visit these lovely ladies!!

Since college, we've gotten together for a girls weekend every year! Last year, I hosted it and the year before that we were in Chicago so this will be a lot of fun!  I've only been to Louisville once and that was for a quick audition for their ballet company soooooo I'm excited to explore the city!  Have any of you been to Louisville before or live there?  Any places we should go?

I think we're planning on going to Churchill Downs for some horse race (I've never been to a horse race before! Can I wear a hat?? I want to wear a hat.) and I forget what else is on the agenda but I will fill you all in on Monday!

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Randomness

Happy Tuesday my lovelies!

I would LOVE to be here right about now....

Santorini, Greece
Or here?!

Clearly, I'm in the traveling mood.  Ugh, I must already be getting cabin fever and it hasn't even snowed here yet!  At least, I'll get to go to Miami to see my family for Thanksgiving in only a couple of short weeks! Maybe that will fill my traveling bug....

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I think I need to start stepping this up....

And finally, for my random brain dump today....

Why yes, I will.

I hope you all have a great rest of the day!  Sorry for the terrible post today...I can't quite get my brain to focus on a topic.  I'll try and step it up the rest of the week.... :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cutest Animals Everrrrr

Ok, Pinterest has the CUTEST animal pictures ever!  I will take one of each!!

Aren't they to die for?!  Totally makes my day! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

TGIF and Sewing Class Update!

Happy Friday everyone!

I know I say it every week, but seriously.....TGIF. I think Friday's are my favorite day....I mean Saturdays are great because you can sleep in and do whatever you want, BUT I think I love the anticipation of Saturday even more (if that makes any sense)!  Friday's you still have to go to work, but somehow there is an ease about them, somehow they're not as bad as the other work days because you know you get 2 days off!!  Also, I love going to bed on Friday nights knowing I can sleeppppp in till whenever!! Best feeling ever, right? 

Anyway, enough about how much I love Fridays. On to an update on my Pattern Drafting and Sewing class I've been taking on Thursday nights!  I only have 4 more classes to go, but I think I'm making good progress on my final skirt.  I've decided to create a maxi skirt like the one below:

I've been using this as my inspiration and fingers crossed that I execute it the right way!  At this point, I'm just working on my paper pattern for the skirt, so the next step is to create it out of muslin (which for those of you who are not sewers, muslin is an inexpensive fabric that is often used for patterns).  This weekend, I am going shopping for my actual fabric and I'm hoping to find a silk blend maybe....not sure yet, we'll see!

Here is a close up picture of the skirt:

I am going to create pockets on the sides, but I'm not sure whether I will do the invisible kind (kidney pockets) or ones like the above.  We'll see how ambitious I get...  I also think I am going to have the closure in the back with an invisible zipper--not on the side like this picture looks. 

Anyway, that's my thoughts!  I will definitely keep you updated and show you pictures of my progress.  This class was expensive, but totally worth it!  My teacher is great and she's been showing us tutorials every week on something new like waistbands, pockets, zippers, ruffles, etc. I still think I have a long way to go but I'm totally excited about how much more I already know!

With Christmas around the corner, I'm thinking I will use my money to get a sewing machine because I'm going to need it (especially once my class is over and I will have to sew at home).  Anybody have suggestions of which kind to get?  I know a little about them and the one I'm working on in my class is like $500 so I'm totally get spoiled by this fancy-shmancy machine....but I will not be spending $500 on it. So if anyone has any tips or suggestions, I'd appreciate it!

Enjoy your weekends!
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