Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Lust List

Hola everyone!

Woohoo! 1 week from today I will still be sleeping is Thanksgiving!!! The yummiest day of the year! I am so excited to be spending the weekend down in Miami with my family!

In the meantime, this is also one of my favorite times of the year because of all the fab sales that are going on!  What am I wanting this season?  Lots and lots of stuff unfortunately..... Here are a handful of items I'm considering spending my Christmas $$ on:

1. Sewing Machine: Brother CS6000i

With the sewing class I am taking, I decided I'd wait until I finished it to see what kind of sewing machine I want and then buy one, so I'm thinking this is the one I am going to get!  The price is great and its gotten really high reviews.  I've been sewing on a Brother machine in class (but a wayyy more expensive one) and I really like it.  Anyone used this one before?  Suggestions or comments? :)

2. Lululemon: The Mat

I think I may have mentioned this before, but I have serious sliding issues during Yoga classes because my hands and feet sweat so much! (I have hyperhydrosis....its basically overactive sweat glands, but I'm not like a sweaty nasty mess or anything so stop judging...) I have been using towels which help, but they can be a nuisance sometimes.  Apparently this mat is supposed to stop all the sliding around....anyone have experience with it? I know I can always buy one of those towel things made for yoga mats, but that still will require fidgeting with so I thought this mat may be better. 

3.  Aldo Shoes: Forwood Wedges

Ok, I've also totally blogged about these before too (last season when they came out) but I loveeee them and never got them.  Now they are on sale, so I'm thinking if they still have my size, its meant to be right?  I know they're a little crazy....but that's what I love about them!  What do ya think?

4. Jessica Simpson: Ambery boots in black

I need a new black pair of boots--the couple of pairs I have now all have lots of scrunches or folds going on and I find I just want a plain straight pair (if that makes sense?).  I love me some high heels with platforms too so these Jessica Simpson boots I think may be great....I haven't seen them in person though so I'm going to try to track them down and try them on.  Hopefully they're not too hoochie-mama...yes that is a word.

5.  Marc by Marc Jacobs: Amy Crystal Bracelet Watch in Rose Gold

I have been wanting rose gold watch for some time now, and I just came across this one by Marc Jacobs! Lovee it! This would be great paired with a few different bracelets...what do you think?

6.  Botkier: Eden Flap Satchel

Loveeee the colors on this bag!  I think I got a little carried away though because its a wee bit outa my price range....but I still am keeping this on my lust lust!  This now reminds me that I still really want that Cambridge Satchel Co. bag in neon yellow...remember?

Ok, I that's all I got for ya today BUT I'm sure there will be more of these lists to come.....too many cute things and sales going on!

What are you wanting this season?


Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

love the watch and the purse! I have a Michael Kors watch on my christmas wish list! I hope your week is going well! Its almost over!!

Jordan said...

Love that bag! Color blocking is my favorite trend this year. You have such cute taste!

Taylor said...

I heard good things about that mat. A lot of people in the floor pilates class at my gym have it. Plus, it just looks cute.

I have the knock-off of the Marc watch by Fossil and I'm obsessed with it!

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