Wednesday, November 30, 2011

VS Fashion Show Recap

Ok, did you all watch the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night?  Wow. I need to fast ASAP. Just kidding!  Those girlies looked amazing and I just love all their outfits!  Being a designer for this show would be such a cool job, right? Ok, I'll let the pictures do all of the talking!

Here are my favorites from last night:

And I think my favoriteeeee section of all was the Aquatic one!  Here are my favs from there, beginning with the $2.5 Million Fantasy Treasure Bra:

And then I have to mention this new girl that they were kinda highlighting during the show.  I guess they found her while casting for the show......she is soooooooooo skinny!  I mean, I know all these girls are skinny, but she was like super skinny.  Did anyone notice that she had like the longest legs ever?! Take a look....

What did you all think of the show?  I think it can get a little cheesy here and there, but all in all its a good show.  The one thing that bothered me {and this is so stupid} but for some of the girls who were wearing thongs or their undies were up their butt.....did you notice their butts were blurred out when they turned around?  I noticed it on a couple of girls and it annoyed me.  I mean hello...its 10:00 PM and its the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show!  If your not allowed to show a little cheek, then don't air the show.  The whole point is to see them in lingerie!  I don't mean to sound like I want to see their butts LOL, I'm just saying don't blur it out like we're teenagers ya know?  I don't think you can mistake this for being appropriate for kids right?  Well, nowadays you never know I guess!  Did anyone else notice the censoring too? Am I the only one that that bothered?

Hope you have a great Wednesday!


lauren keys said...

I really liked the 'I put a spell on you' theme, with Adriana's black wings as my favorite of the night:

and I agree about those legs on the new girl!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I seriously wish my legs looked like that!

Meg {henninglove} said...

sorry i didn't watch it what was the censoring during the show?? some of those outfits are amazing, i wonder how heavy some of the costumes were

Amanda said...

I only saw the end of it! My favorite is the third picture.

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