Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Gift Recap

Oh hey girlies!  I hope you all had wonderful Christmas'!  I'm back in action here but not for long.....Doc and I are leaving again tomorrow but this time to go to Chicago for New Years! I'm definitely looking forward to spending time with friends we don't get to see very often and also eating lots of good food!

Anyway, what did Santa bring me this year for Christmas?  Well, my parents got me this baby about a month ago....but I haven't used it yet so I'm looking forward to starting soon!

Brother Sewing Machine
 Doc bought me this book to further my sewing knowledge!

The Sewing Bible
Doc also bought me this Lululemon yoga mat carrying strap!  Love it!

Lululemon No-Brainer Mat Strap
My in-laws always give us money, which is great because I can choose to spend the money however I want!  I always go through the money much faster than my patient husband....but what can I say, I loveeee to shop!!  Anyway, this what I've bought so far:

I loveeee these pj's so much!  They are soft and so comfortable!
The Dreamer Flannel Pj's from Victoria's Secret
 I went to the outlets and picked up this baby! I have to say...its much prettier in person. This pic doesn't do it justice! :)

Kate Spade Wellesley Elena in Black

I finally found a pair of black boots that I like!  Or at least, I think I like...we'll see once they come in the mail!

Steve Madden Bannner Boots

I found these cute loafer heels at DSW and couldn't resist the reduced $30 price tag!  I've always wanted a pair and even thought they're sky high....they're comfy!

Mia Nolen Loafer Heels
I also got these shoes at my family's store in Miami and I loveeeeeeeee them!  You know how much I love glitter....

Tom's Silver Glitter shoes
Wow, this must have been the year of the shoe huh?

Oh, and I also bought {prior to Christmas} a bunch of sewing supplies from Joann's like scissors, pins, rulers, pin cushions, etc. soooo hopefully I can FINALLY finish this skirt I started from that sewing class I took!

And last but not least, I got a gift card to Express from my sister-in-law/brother-in-law so can't wait to get over there and use it!  They know me so well! :)

What did you all get for Christmas? 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, I am officially on my Christmas break at the moment!  We had a very successful holiday work party yesterday {I did not win any of our giveaways unfortunately.......} and our cookie exchange was great!  I was not up very late on Wednesday night baking which was a first...go me!  

Seems like the blog world is officially slowing down so I think its time I sign off and say HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!  Enjoy the time off with your families and loved ones!  See ya next year?!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pinteresting Wednesday!

Well hello there!  Happy Wednesday!

Sorry for the lack of posts.....the time has gotten away from me! 

Anyway, quick update on the Breaking Dawn discussion...........I finally saw the movie this past weekend!  Woohoo!  It definitely did not disappoint {Well, the sex scene did....LAME. Was totally too short, but whatever...I know it had to be PG13..}

I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner!  Tomorrow, is our big Holiday Luncheon at work and then its off to Dayton for the weekend to spend some time with the in-laws!  We also have our cookie exchange tomorrow at work and.........I haven't started yet.  Yup, got 10 dozen Red Velvet cookies to bake by the end of tonight.  As soon as I leave work, I will be baking my little heart out!  

And since its Pinteresting Wednesday.........this is what has been catching my eye!

A Chanel handbag tree!! Need I say anymore?

Loveeee these neon earrings by Shourouk!

LOL these make me laugh so hard!


So true......

Sooooo cute! 

Anything catching your eye on Pinterest? 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Forks Over Knives


I can't believe how close we are to Christmas already!?  I know next week is going to drag, up until about Thursday, when we have our company Holiday party!  I'm the one organizing it and we have tons of gifts we're giving away including iPads (!!!) and iPods!  I neeeeeeed to win one! {need not want, capeesh?}

Anyway, we also have our cookie exchange in my office next week and I gotta make 10 dozen! I'll be baking all night on Wednesday, I know it.  I'm thinking of doing these Red Velvet cookies....what do you think?


On a different note, I just watched the documentary Forks Over Knives the other night.  Have any of you seen it?  If not, I definitely recommend you do....its about vegan eating and just to clarify, I'm not a vegan (you probably already know that by the recipe mentioned above though...haha).  I tend to eat on the vegetarian side and I can see myself becoming a vegetarian (for my own personal reasons) BUT I'm not a vegan, nor have I really ever considered it until I saw this movie. 

 Forks Over Knives really focuses on the health benefits to eating no animal products.  Its definitely a very medical follows 2 doctors around and in their research, they found that by eating a plant based diet, your risk of getting cancer and heart related issues was significantly reduced.

When I told my doctor-to-be husband about the movie, he was skeptical.  I told him he has to watch it with me and then he'll be more of a believer. I mean these are 2 MDs...not 2 hippies running around preaching their ways! Lol He said he'll believe it when he actually sees the whatever, I'll get him to watch the movie this weekend and we'll see what he thinks! 

I think it'd be really difficult to eat totally vegan.  I mean I love cheese and yogurt! And ice cream! So I really don't think I could ever become a strict vegan BUT I could see myself eating close to it most of the time.  I told my husband, if there is any chance that it could improve your health, why not? You have nothing to loose {of which is replied,  yes I do...meat.} Haha!

Anyway, I highly recommend you watch the movie just to at least educate yourself on the "possible" benefits of eating a plant based diet.  For those of you who have instant streaming on's on there right now! 

Doing anything fun this weekend?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cold Weather Woes

Ok, this cold weather thing....its not workin' for me! 

I feel soooooo dry!  No matter how much lotion I slather skin just doesn't feel right.  Especially my hands....I have to put lotion on my hands every. single. time. I wash them {...and TMI but that happens a lot, because apparently I pee like a pregnant woman....and I'm not. I swear.}

And the worst of it hair has non-stop static! Ahh....I think that's the most annoying thing ever! I found that spraying Static Guard on my hair brush will get it to go away, but that's turned into a daily thing.  That shouldn't be normal, right? 

Now, I know you're not supposed to wash your hair everyday, but I do.  I can't help it.  My hair feels so greasy if I don't!  I've purchased dry shampoo and now and then, I will skip a day of washing and use that, but it really doesn't make my hair feel normal.  Also, I work out most every morning, and there really is NO saving my hair then....I'm usually a sweaty mess!   

So, taking all of that into consideration...what can I do to put moisture back into my hair??  I did buy this hair treatment by Organix:

I've only used it once though....maybe using this more will help keep the static away?  I should probably use it once a week.  It smells wonderful, btw!!

It may also be my hair dryer since I have an ancient, Conair one.....can hair dryers cause static?  I probably need one of those HANAair Professional Dryers like April just posted about!  And on that note, she does talk about a leave in conditioner.....maybe that will help me??  The only thing is that I have thin, fine hair so it doesn't take much to weigh it down...

Ugh....HELP! :)  Do any of you have great, miracle moisturizing hair products for me??

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had festive weekends!  Doc and I spent the weekend vegging out....dinner with friends...errands accomplished...and lots of TV show and movie watching/catching up! 

Update regarding my last post about Breaking Dawn Part 1....I sadly was not able to make it to the movies so I still have not seen it!  Doc had too much studying to do.  We did, however, watch Eclipse and he actually admitted that it was a good movie! Haha its the little things....

In gearing up for this holiday season, I came across this on cool are these nails!?

Via Chloe's Nails blog
I don't think I'd be able to actually execute them to look as perfect as the ones above....but I might actually try!  We'll see....

I'm also loving these Christmas sugar cookies:

Find recipe here!

How were your weekends?  Accomplish your Christmas shopping?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Twilight Saga Obsessed? Yup.

Happy Friday!

Some of you may consider me a little late on this train, but I'm very excited because I am finally going to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 this weekend!  I have read all of the books and own all of the movies {and am totally obsessed might I add...} but I've never been one that's into seeing movies the minute they come out!  I hate crowds and being stressed over finding the perfect seats....I'd rather wait a few weeks {or a month} and see it with no crowds and no stress.  Anyone else do this too?

I usually watch the Twilight series movies with my sister-in-law, but she lives in Chicago and we haven't been able to see each other to see the movie, soooooo guess who gets to come see it with me!?  My wonderful husband of course.  He's super excited. {I know you can sense my sarcasm here} Doc saw the very first movie with me and I think I may have made him watch the 2nd one when it came out on DVD, but he hasn't seen the 3rd one.  Soooooo what else will we be doing this weekend?!  Yes, you are correct.....we will be watching Eclipse on DVD too!  Haha my poor husband. 

Anyway, since I'm totally, stupidly excited about seeing Breaking Dawn.....let's just sit back and look at some pics from the Twilight series thus far? K, glad your on board too. :)

Oh hello.....

And I cannot forget the wedding shoes by Manolo Blanik:

I don't care that I'm already married.......I want these shoes!  Sooooo gorgeous!

Have any of you already seen Breaking Dawn Part 1?  What did you think?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let's Chat

Wow, is it really Wednesday already?  Sorry, for my lack of blogging...time has flown!  Everyday this week, I kept telling myself, I'll write a post later.....and now its Wednesday. Whoops!

Grab a cup o' coffee....let's chat!

So, I'm still "livin' the single life" with my husband living in Dayton at the moment.  I did spend a nice weekend with him and his family this past weekend and this coming weekend, he'll be back here BUT not for good unfortunately....still 1 more week of this and then he'll be back for good!  I do realize that this really isn't that bad....I think of all the military wives who have to go months, even years, without seeing their husbands.  I can't imagine how hard that would be--not to mention that they're risking their lives as well!  Now that's bad, so really I have nothing to complain about!

Since I've had quite a bit of time to myself, I gave in and made these babies last night {which I previously blogged about here}:

Yes, those are Heath Bar Blondies that I found on Eat, Live, Run and they were amazing!  I loveeeee Heath Bar so these were definitely right up my alley!  Does anyone else love Heath Bar as much as I do?

And since its Pinteresting Wednesday, here are a few of my fav's from Pinterest:

Christmas Vacation is my favorite Christmas movie!! Can't wait to watch it this year! What's your favorite Christmas movie to watch?

Have a great rest of the day! 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday's Five Things

Happy Friday! Was it just me or did this week seem extra long?

1. So I never told you that Doc is actually living in Dayton at the moment.......he is doing his Family Medicine rotation there for 1 month!  At OSU, they make the med students do 1 rotation outside of Columbus and since his family lives in Dayton, he went there.  So yea.........I am living the single life at the moment!  Just kidding....but it sure feels like it!  I cook for 1....I entertain myself....I go to bed when I want....its strange! Haha so my #1 Friday Fav today is getting to see my husband this weekend! {pathetic? yea..probs}

2.  I decided to treat myself and started my morning with a Brueggers Bagel today!  Mmmmm they are my favorite bagels ever!  Has anyone ever had one?  If you have one where you live...I highly suggest trying them!  The bagels are so chewy and they have lots of different cream cheese flavors!

3.  I finally bought a sewing machine!  As discussed before...I decided to buy the Brother CS6000i and it came in the mail super fast!  I bought it on Friday and it arrived on Tuesday (from with free shipping nonetheless)....I have not used it yet but I can't wait to!  I need to make a trip to Joann's to buy tons of stuff (i.e. thread, sissors, pins, etc.) but I've already read through the user manual so I'm on my way, right?

4.  I've been slacking a little recently with my morning workouts so yesterday I tried to step it up and really get a good workout!  Well....I can't really move today!  I did this Jillian Michael's DVD, 6 Week Six-Pack, and seriously, whenever I do one of her workouts, I am sooooo sore!  I can't even finish some of her workouts because halfway through I wanna die. Today, my back is the most sore...every time I lift my arms I feel like I fell from a 20 story building.... That being said, I highly recommend her DVDs but get ready to get your butt kicked!

5.  We always do a cookie exchange at work right before Christmas and I'm trying to decide on what cookie to make!  There are like 8 of us participating sooo that means 8 dozen cookies, so its gotta be something fairly easy.  I learned my lesson the hard way the first year I participated...........I made black & white cookies and they took me FOREVER!  I was up until like 2 AM the night before and they looked like shit....seriously, ugliest cookies ever!  I also had never particpated in a cookie exchange before so I had no idea I had to make a dozen for each person....I thought I had to make enough so that each person can have a cookie. Nope....everyone laughed at me like 2 days before the exchange when I realized I had to make a dozen per person.  Anyway, I'm thinking of making these Heath Bar cookies from Baked Bree.  I loveeeee toffee!  What do you think?  Any suggestions or cookie recipes you can give me?? :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
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