Monday, January 30, 2012

What I've been doing....

Happy Monday everyone!

I feel like I've been totally disconnected from the world for 2 reasons......

1. Gossip Girl
2. Fashion Story App.

First, I apparently have been living under a rock because I just started watching the Gossip Girl series on Netflix instant streaming (sooooo glad we have that because each season is like $45 if I were to buy them!) and I'm hooked!  Obsessed.  I don't know why I never started watching it in the first place but I love it!  I watched the whole first season in 3 days......

It's soo good!  I think Blake Lively has the best hair in the world!  And Penn Badgley is super gorgeous IMO!  When I do end up catching up, I don't know how I'm going to watch Gossip Girl live, week to week. Bleh.

Second, my husband finally got an iPhone but I still do not have one.....(I know I'm like the last person!), so since he got the iPhone--I got his iPod touch!  I have the older version iPod, so I never was able to play around with the apps and stuff.  But now I can!  And I have....................

Yes, I discovered Fashion Story and that's all I do...all day.  It's so stupid LOL and I waste hours and hours of the day playing, but I'm hooked!  The idea is that you have a store and you buy and sell clothes....there are goals you have to reach and you make "friends" in the community, etc. I have been playing non-stop since like Friday...kinda pathetic but I can't deny I'm having fun doing it :)

So, yea I feel like I'm so behind on my blog reading and really everything else because I spent the whole weekend in the front of the TV with my iPod in hand....

Anyone else play Fashion Story or watch Gossip Girl?  Hooked? 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

Happy, happy Friday everyone!

I'm sure you've all heard by now, but Jason Wu is doing a collection exclusively for Target and I believe the launch date is February 5th in stores and online!  I think his collection is very cute....great work clothes!  I'm definitely a fan! 

Now is anyone else wondering, is this going to turn out like the whole Missoni debacle?  I really hope not. Personally, I felt really disappointed in those crazy Missoni shoppers who ruined the experience for everyone else. 

These less expensive, designer collections are supposed to be an opportunity for us "common folks" to be able to own designer clothing for less.........not for selfish people {I say people, but we all know it was women doing the buying...} to buy ridiculous amounts of clothing just to turn it around and try to sell it for 2 or 3 times the price! 

And anyone who really did buy the Missoni collection items off of eBay for hundreds of dollars, is in my humble opinion, an idiot.  If your going to spend $300+ on designer clothing.....just buy the real thing. Duh.

Anyway, I digress..........................I'm really hoping people will be respectful of their fellow fashion lovers and allow us all to have a piece of the pie?

Anyone else feel the way I do? 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tagged Game!

Yesterday, Natalie from It's a Charmed Life, tagged me in the 11 questions game!  Thanks Natalie!

Here are the rules:

-You must post the rules
-Post 11 Fun Facts about yourself 
-Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you in their post & then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged
-Tag 11 people and link them in your post
-Let them know you have tagged them
So, here are 11 random facts about me:
1.  I have an irrational phobia of vomit. I think its gonna get me like a bug would. Its bad.....I will start crying if someone near me pukes and I can't get away.

2.  I wear perfume everyday and have been doing this since high school.

3.  My favorite weekend morning routine is to wake up and go straight to the family room to watch TV and sip coffee in my jammies!

4.  I danced ballet for 16 years....I went to a magnet arts high school and then went to Butler University to major in dance.

5.  I have a double collection system which caused me to have kidney infections from the age of 2 to 6.  A double collection system means I have 2 ureters on both sides connecting the kidneys to the bladder.  Normal people have 1 on each side, and I have 2 on each side.

6.  I also have hyperhidrosis.  My hands, feet, and armpits sweat a lot.  I'm not a smelly person though, I swear!  I just have over-active sweat glands in those spots, and I used to get botox in my armpits to stop them from sweating.

7.  I am the youngest of 6 kids. Starts with a girl, 4 boys, and then me!  There is a 13 year age difference between my sister and I (and we are all from the same mom and dad too).

8.  I drive a mini-cooper and I love it!  No its not too husband is 6'3" and he fits perfectly fine in it!  I'll get rid of it once I have kids, but for now its great!

9.  I watch a ton of TV! Especially reality TV shows...I know, I know...I don't get any smarter after watching them but I just can't help it! 

10. I am one of the few who does not have an iphone, or a smart phone for that matter! Gasp, I know! I used to have one, but then Doc made me down grade to a "regular" phone since I wasn't using my data plan at all since I'm in front of a computer all day for work, and then in front of one when I'm at home too. One day I will get an iphone....

11.  I love to cook and bake!  To me, nothing shows love like cooking a homemade meal for your family (or husband in my case)!  And I will attempt just about anything, no matter how hard it looks!

Now, the 11 questions that Natalie asked:
1. What is your all time favorite movie? (you can only name one!)
Hmm.....if I had to chose only one, I would say The Notebook. Its a girly classic!

2. If you could have any super power what would it be and why? 
I would be able to teleport myself.  So if one day I was like, I want to go to Paris, boom I'm there!  It would awesome, that's why!

3. Team Edward or Team Jacob? 
Team Edward for sure!  But I do love me some Jacob.....

4. If you could take any trip in the world where would you go? 
Oh, so many places!  One place would be the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji....its this private resort where you can stay in rooms underwater!  Its like $30,000 for 2 people for 1 week, but that would be soo cool!

5. What's one piece of make up you can't live without ? 
I cannot live without mascara for sure!  I look like a zombie without it..

6. What's one accessory (jewelry, scarf, handbag, etc) that you don't leave the house without? 
I don't leave the house without a purse for sure....right now I'm using my Kate Spade bag I got at Christmas!

7. What is your dream job? 
To be a fab fashion designer for sure!

8. Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos?
I'm a Cool Ranch kinda girl
9. What's the best advice you've ever received and who gave it to you? 
The best advice I've received was from, who else, my Mom!  I remember years ago she telling me "Pick and choose your battles", and I've always kept that in mind as I've gotten older.  There are certain things that are worth fighting, but don't fight every have to choose the ones that are important and the rest, let go.

10. What's your guilty pleasure? (tv show, movie, food, etc) 
Ahh...soo many!  I guess I'd have to say reality TV shows for sure...aka Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor, any Real Housewives series, Say Yes to the Dress, Tia and Tamera, etc, etc.....

11. What's your typical Starbucks order?
I usually get a tall, non-fat, carmel or iced depending on the weather!

Now, who am I tagging?

Here are 11 questions for the bloggers I tagged!
1. What is your profession?
2. How would you describe your style?
3. What one make-up product can you not live without?
4. If you could be besties with one celebrity, who would it be?
5. What is your dream vacation?
6. What magazines do you subscribe to?
7. If you could have a special talent {that you don't currently have}, what would it be?
8. What is your favorite breakfast food?
9. If you could do anything, what is your dream job?
10. What is your guilty pleasure? (tv, food, movies, etc.)
11. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received, and who gave it to you?

Have fun ladies!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving: Home Decor

So I've totally got the re-decorating bug.....

I've been completely smitten with the Home Decor section of Pinterest lately! There are so many great pictures on there....I find myself window shopping for pieces that I don't even have a room for!  Yes...this is a problem.

You see the 2 bed, 2 1/2 bath townhouse Doc and I are in right now, we've been in it for 2 1/2 years and I haven't really touched a thing since we moved in!  This was our "first place" together just out of college and everything I bought at that time is still there.  And while its all really nice (Doc's mom enjoys interior decorating so she was a big help when we moved in), I just find its not really me anymore. 

My tastes have changed and evolved, and things I really liked then.....just don't do it for me now.  I'm also craving more space, which is a problem because it will be awhile before Doc and I have a house since he's got many more years of training to go {approximately 7+ more years....}, which equals more moving and no buying a house in this market until we know where we'll be settled in 7 years. 

I know I could kinda re-decorate our current place {even though we'll be moving in a year and a half}, but I just don't want to spend the money right now.  I also feel like I want to do it adding colorful pillows and flowers here and there is not really what I want.  I want to really re-decorate!  Change the furniture...change the bedding.....change the apartment....haha okay that I can't just change right now, but I sooo wish we had a house of our own!

I think I'm nesting....

Anyone else feel this way?  Haha is what has been catching my eye!

Follow me on Pinterest here!

Any home decor catching your eye? 

Liebster Blog Award!

The wonderful Ashlee over at And They Lived Happily Ever After... so kindly gave me the Liebster Blog Award!

So sweet of you....thank you thank you!!

Liebster in German means dear, beloved, or favorite {I always wondered why these were called Liebster awards...} and the blog award is supposed to go to bloggers with under 200 followers. 

Rules are:
1.  Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3. Copy and Paste the blog award on your blog.
4. Reveal your 5 blog picks.
5. Let them know you chose them by leaving a comment on their blog. 
So, who are my top 5 bloggie picks to receive the Liebster Award?

Thanks again Ashlee!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, Monday....

Oooo came way too soon!

How was everyone's weekends?  Mine was good.....lots of sleep and relaxing!  I also got a few rooms in my house super clean so that always feels good...been needing to do that for a while!  Doc and I used our juicer for the first time this weekend to make orange juice and it was amazing!  We also used our bread machine for the first time {by first time, I mean since we received it for our wedding.....1 1/2 years ago...} and we made pizza dough!  We thought it was going to be a bomb but it wasn't!  Directions were a little confusing but the pizza came out well!

Last week I posted about my workout blues {read it here}, and after still finding no online/TV solutions.....I gave in and bought Jillian Michael's new DVD Extreme Shed & Shred

I know if I do this workout 30 times.....I'm gonna get tired of it but for now, I won't so its just a short term fix.  I think tomorrow will be my first day trying it, so I will let you know how it goes! 

For now, I'll leave you with a little Monday Motivation.....

Friday, January 20, 2012

An Exciting Trip!!

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm VERY excited because I just booked a trip to LONDON this week!  Well, the trip isn't this week....its in March but the plans just all came together this week! 

I've been to London twice before--the first time when I was 12 and again when I was like 16 or 17?  I absolutely LOVE London and when my parents decided they were going to go, I decided now is a better time than ever to tag along! 

The tickets are actually pretty reasonable for will still be cold I believe, so its not a super popular time to go. When we've been there in the past, we always got tickets to see The Royal Ballet perform, so when we were making our plans this time, we definitely made sure we went during a week they were performing.  And we were in luck!  They are doing Romeo & Juliet, which is an absolutely beautiful ballet!  We also are going to see Les Miserable, which is a favorite of my Dad's!  So, plans are coming together.....high tea at Browns Hotel, shopping at Harrods, making out with Prince Harry.....what? :)

Ok, he's really not that hot....its just the whole prince thing. And I could never tear apart the fab Will & Kate....

Maybe I'll run into them!? Yea... and they'll totally want to hang out with me and we'll become besties? Yup.

Anywho......for my bloggie readers who have been to London.....any hotel suggestions?  We can't remember the places we stayed the last times we were there and its always better to get a recommendation!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring Fashion!

Ok, is this happening to anyone else?  Within the last few days, every time I click on someone's blog to read a skips directly down the page to the comments section.  Why is this happening?  I think it only happens with certain blogs too.  This never used to happen to there something in my settings I need to change?  It's sooo annoying!

Anyway, moving on! We're almost to the weekend, woohoo!  And, here in Columbus, OH...we've barely gotten any snow! Sssshhhh....I don't want to jinx it but I really hope the awful snowy, cold as sh*t weather, holds out until Spring! 

Spring is only 9 weeks away!

Speaking of Spring......I've been looking at the new Spring fashion trends and this is what we have in-store:

Cheerful Color Blocking

Super Bold Prints

Oranges & Tangerines

Peplum Shirts, Skirts, & Dresses

Pink Shorts Suits

Pastel Shades

All pictures via Glamour online

What do you think?  Any trends you will be trying out this Spring?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workout Motivation = Fail

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So, I am seriously lacking in motivation to work out recently.  I must be in some kind of funk?  Well, I think I know what started it.  I used to use Exercise TV on demand each morning to do my workouts.  It was great!  There were like 40 different workouts I could choose from, so I would try different ones and go back to the ones I loved {i.e. Jillian Michaels!} I wasn't getting bored and I really liked the workout choices they had.

.................and then Exercise TV on demand disappeared!  I noticed the workout choices diminished to like only 5 and I was like WTF so I Googled it {like I do everything nowadays...} and I found out that beginning at the end of December, they would be gone for good! 

 So here we are, its the middle of January.....and I find myself with NO motivation to get up an hour earlier to work out.  It's like I don't know what to do with myself!  I used to use Netflix Instant Streaming to workout, but I've concluded that their choices really suck.  Most of their workouts are from the 90s and the few that are actually good {i.e.10 Minute Solutions series}, I've already done like 10 times each so I'm bored with them! 

I own a few 10 Minute Solutions DVDs but again....done them multiple times so they're boring and that's kinda the dilemma I'm having.  I loved the Jillian Michaels DVDs but I'm hesitant to purchase them, because once I do them over and over....I'll get bored of them and then its like, why did I waste the money buying them?

We do have a small gym at my apartment complex, but I switched over to doing DVD workouts because I was tired of the elliptical or bike and I detest running.  Can't do it. Tried. Not gonna happen.

I like doing group work out classes and I'll do yoga on Monday nights, but I really prefer to work out in the mornings and most group classes are in the evenings.  They also cost money and that's something I'm trying to keep at a minimum right now sooooo.........any advice ladies? 

Ideally, I'd like to use something like Exercise TV on demand.  Where there is a good choice of workouts to do and you can switch it up a lot. And its FREE!  Do any of you know any websites??  I thought I saw something on Hulu with Exercise TV?  Is Hulu free? 

What do you all do to workout and keep your motivation up?  Any tips are appreciated! :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes: Worst Dressed

Ok, these ladies just have to be called out.

Kelly Osbourne in Zac Posen: WTF. What's with the gray hair?? Did having that hair color complete the grandma look?  This dress wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the hideous top....its just too much!  I think it needs a little skin at the top.  Those sleeves are just so 80's right?

Piper Perabo in Theyskens' Theory: Looking beyond the boring and hideous dress, was Piper on drugs on the Red Carpet?  Take a look..........


Jessica Biel in Elie Saab: Poor Jessica.....everyone is hatin' on her right now.  I have to admit, when I first saw this dress, I didn't think it was that bad............but the more I look at it, it does scream grandma!

Natalie Portman in Lanvin: This color is stunning on Natalie!!  However, she is on my worst dressed list for the shape! This makes her hips, waist, and overall shape look bueno!

Amy Poehler in Naeem Khan: Oy vey, the nude again! Don't these stars realize it washes them out!? The short sleeves are doing nothing for arms as well.....not a flattering shape on top IMO.

Amanda Peet in Marc Jacobs: She looks like she's wearing a Victorian nightgown or her grandma's dust ruffle.

Katharine McPhee in Donna Karen: Total miss if you ask me! This was a perfect opportunity to add in some pops of color or SOMETHING that's interesting, if you going to go with such a basic, nude dress!  Some great shoes? Jewlery? Something?!?  She completely faded into the background, washing herself out.....

P.S. Did anyone else think Mila Kunis a.) looked totally pissed on the Red Carpet? and b.) looked like she packed on some pounds? NOT that she's fat in any way......just looking a little heavier than usual. I know she lost a bunch of weight for Black Swan, but she came back to normal soon after....she just seemed a little heavier than normal, no?

I like her dress BTW!  I think its pretty--seen it before, but pretty!

And that's all folks!  What did you think of the worst dressed ladies at the Golden Globes? Agree or disagree?
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