Thursday, January 19, 2012

Spring Fashion!

Ok, is this happening to anyone else?  Within the last few days, every time I click on someone's blog to read a skips directly down the page to the comments section.  Why is this happening?  I think it only happens with certain blogs too.  This never used to happen to there something in my settings I need to change?  It's sooo annoying!

Anyway, moving on! We're almost to the weekend, woohoo!  And, here in Columbus, OH...we've barely gotten any snow! Sssshhhh....I don't want to jinx it but I really hope the awful snowy, cold as sh*t weather, holds out until Spring! 

Spring is only 9 weeks away!

Speaking of Spring......I've been looking at the new Spring fashion trends and this is what we have in-store:

Cheerful Color Blocking

Super Bold Prints

Oranges & Tangerines

Peplum Shirts, Skirts, & Dresses

Pink Shorts Suits

Pastel Shades

All pictures via Glamour online

What do you think?  Any trends you will be trying out this Spring?


Michelle P said...

Cute, I definitely love pastel anything

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I love the orange color, now I just need to be brave enough to wear it! And I wish it would warm up here in MN we were at -6! Yuck!!

Amanda said...

yeah that happens to me with some blogs too...not sure why!!

My Life as A Plate said...

Thats weird about the blog, lately I haven't been able to comment on others blogs, the screen goes blank ( hope this goes through ahah).

PS Love all the spring looks: Color Blocking and Pink and Orange YES PLEASE!

Whitney said...

some of the blogs I visit do that exact same thing too! I wonder if it's a blogger issue since it happens on more than one?

Natasha said...

i totally stumbled across your blog the other day...adorable!!! just love it ;)
keep on doing what you're doing my dear

LicensedtoPill said...

I look great in orange! SO excited!

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