Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Workout Motivation = Fail

Happy Wednesday everyone!

So, I am seriously lacking in motivation to work out recently.  I must be in some kind of funk?  Well, I think I know what started it.  I used to use Exercise TV on demand each morning to do my workouts.  It was great!  There were like 40 different workouts I could choose from, so I would try different ones and go back to the ones I loved {i.e. Jillian Michaels!} I wasn't getting bored and I really liked the workout choices they had.

.................and then Exercise TV on demand disappeared!  I noticed the workout choices diminished to like only 5 and I was like WTF so I Googled it {like I do everything nowadays...} and I found out that beginning at the end of December, they would be gone for good! 

 So here we are, its the middle of January.....and I find myself with NO motivation to get up an hour earlier to work out.  It's like I don't know what to do with myself!  I used to use Netflix Instant Streaming to workout, but I've concluded that their choices really suck.  Most of their workouts are from the 90s and the few that are actually good {i.e.10 Minute Solutions series}, I've already done like 10 times each so I'm bored with them! 

I own a few 10 Minute Solutions DVDs but again....done them multiple times so they're boring and that's kinda the dilemma I'm having.  I loved the Jillian Michaels DVDs but I'm hesitant to purchase them, because once I do them over and over....I'll get bored of them and then its like, why did I waste the money buying them?

We do have a small gym at my apartment complex, but I switched over to doing DVD workouts because I was tired of the elliptical or bike and I detest running.  Can't do it. Tried. Not gonna happen.

I like doing group work out classes and I'll do yoga on Monday nights, but I really prefer to work out in the mornings and most group classes are in the evenings.  They also cost money and that's something I'm trying to keep at a minimum right now sooooo.........any advice ladies? 

Ideally, I'd like to use something like Exercise TV on demand.  Where there is a good choice of workouts to do and you can switch it up a lot. And its FREE!  Do any of you know any websites??  I thought I saw something on Hulu with Exercise TV?  Is Hulu free? 

What do you all do to workout and keep your motivation up?  Any tips are appreciated! :)


Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I have to switch up my workout on a regular basis or else I get bored and I don't want to go anymore. With things like running I increase my mileage, or I try to improve my speed. You could do different interval workouts on the bike or elliptical. Or since you hate running do a speed walk where you vary your incline and speed! There are a lot of great ones out there!

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

I'm looking forward to seeing these tips because I am in the same boat! I LOVED ExerciseTV :( and now 30 Day Shred is just becoming a chore (i.e. I end up making excuses not to work out) because it's boring day after day after day...I wish there were more 5 am group classes at gyms.

Ashlee @ They Lived Happily Ever After... said...

Sometimes we need to reset, you know?!? I read the Pinterest Fitness section for motivation! Always helps!

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I wonder why they got rid of all the channels... what a bummer! I love to run, for me it's a release, but due to some health reasons, I have had to give it up for a few months.

I love that quote at the top about excuses... so true!

Bud and Leo said...

I need to get back on the train as well! I've had such a hard time sticking to a routine and being consistent! Kelli

Meg {henninglove} said...

these photos make me want to get back into yoga. i need to supplement my running with another form of exercise so i don't get bored with my running.

Anonymous said...

Hi! First time visiting your page (came across it while looking for motivational workout images). I just finished doing Insanity (which has a hefty price tag unfortunately, but was a great workout - although by the last week of the second month you start getting bored). Now I'm starting up CrossFit workouts. There are a ton of WOD libraries online. I've been snagging exercises from The WOD Shop at Check it out, because you can cycle through the workouts until you find one you are interested in doing. Plus, you do it to the best of your own ability (scale down or modify the suggested reps and/or exercises until you get better). Hope this helps!

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