Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy's Best Dressed

Oh hey there! Happy Monday!

Did you all watch the Grammy's last night?  I was ready in front of my TV at 6:00 PM to watch all the pre-show fashion!  As for the actual show, I think they handled the passing of Whitney Houston really well, and I really loved Jennifer Hudson's performance of I Will Always Love You. So touching.....

I love the Grammy's mainly because of all the performances you get to see, but also because you can always count on this particular show to deliver over-the-top fashion.....and this year was no exception!  There was definitely the good, the bad, and the ugly.....but let's break it up.  Today, my best dressed list:

Gwyneth Paltrow in Stella McCartney: I loved how simple and elegant this dress was.  The gold belt was the perfect touch to take the dress from being boring to sophisticated!  5 stars if you ask me!

Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Garcia: Oh my....what a gorgeous dress!  Carrie looks amazing in it and I love the back detail!

Rihanna in Giorgio Armani: Ok, I know a lot of people were hating on Rihanna's look last night, but I loved it on her!  She has the body to show it off (although many people thought her boobs were not looking so hot....I didn't mind them) I didn't care for her hair as much though, but for some reason it works with this look!

Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad: I really loved this dress on Taylor!  The back detail is so beautiful....this is really a different look for her so I applaud her for stepping out of the box!  Definitely a win in my book!

Katy Perry in Elie Saab: I thought Katy looked really elegant in this dress!  A little matchy-matchy for my taste with the hair but the dress itself is really beautiful!  Her hairstyle was great with it, BUT the hair color was not.  I just don't like her with blue hair.....go back to the black!


Paris Hilton in Basil Soda: I really loved Paris' dress last night!  It looked so good on her (and again we see the gold belt!).  I couldn't find any pics of the back detail but I loved that too!  Her hair was spot on as well!  The only thing that annoyed me was her posing the whole night......I mean, I know you gotta pose for the cameras with the hands on the hips BUT she spent her entire interview with Guiliana with both hands on her hips and leaning back.  It was so weird! Anyone else catch that? If you Google her pics from last night....all you see are these weird leaning back poses.....stop it Paris!


Kelly Osbourne in Tony Ward: Kelly made my best dressed list this time!  This dress looked so elegant on her and I actually didn't mind her weird colored hair!  She really looked pretty so two thumbs up!

Kelly Rowland in Alberta Ferretti: This was also a really gorgeous dress!  I really like the bodice with the see through top....and the bottom really flattered her figure!  Those earrings work perfectly with it too!

Kate Beckinsale in Zuhair Murad: Oh Kate....when have you not looked gorgeous?  I loved the overall design of this dress and the Kate's legs look amazing!  She was one of the few who went short, but why wouldn't you with legs like that? :)

Miranda Lambert in Atelier Pavoni: Miranda wore this dress beautifully! Let's be honest, she doesn't have the tiniest figure for Hollywood but this dress really flattered her!  I loved all the sparkles and the sheerness of the dress.....really on trend and made her look angelic in a way!

Sophia and Rosie: Ok, I could not resist putting these two little cuties on my Best Dressed list! If you don't know who they are.....Google them immediately!  So cute and funny!

What do you think of my Best Dressed list? Any others you would have added?  Come back tomorrow for my Worst Dressed list!


California Wife said...

Overall I think Paris and Gwyneth were my top picks from last night! I hadn't seen a picture of Sophia and Rosie yet, too cute!

Michelle P said...

Loved these dresses!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

These are all beautiful dresses! It is hard to say which one I like the best, but I love Carrie Underwoods dress as well as Taylor Swifts! I like the cut out detail in the back!

Glad I got to see you this weekend, I hope your day is going well!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Even my husband walked into the room and was like "Wow, Gwyneth Paltrow looks really pretty."

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

wow, what a great recap! I'm a fan of Carrie's dress-she has very similar taste to me. Also love Kelly's dress- very cute!

Nat said...

I totally agree with these except I wasn't loving Katy Perry, I think it was her hair that I didn't like! I think Gwen and Carrie were my favs! said...

Carried looked amazing! And of course, Sophia Grace and Rosie, love those 2!

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