Monday, July 23, 2012

Miss Maynard Found her Prince

Good morning and Happy Monday!

Well I stayed up way too late last night watching the season finale of The Bachelorette!  I passed on the After the Final Rose {I'll just watch it today}, but what did you all think?  I had a feeling Emily was going to choose Jef and I think she made the right decision.  They seemed really cute together and he just seems like a really respectable guy.  She also bonded really well with his family.......much more so than Arie's!

Emily seemed to be really physically attracted to Arie, but I don't think the chemistry was there as much as it was with Jef.  Did anyone think Arie was little.....feminine?  Maybe its just his voice but it annoyed me..... And wow, I never noticed how much grey Arie had in his hair until last night!  Maybe he had been dying it but since they were traveling, it grew out?

I just have my doubts that they will last.  So many of them seem perfect for each other, and then they break up a year later!  I hope for Ricky's sake {and for Emily's because its about time she finds love} that they stay together.  As soon as it ended, my husband was like "Oh, I bet Arie is the next Bachelor now"......I hope not.  We need some new faces in there!

I heard Emily's dress on the After the Final Rose was just okay but I have to say.....she looked REALLY good at the Men Tell All show.  I mean that Herve Leger dress and her hair extensions....she knew how to throw it in all those guys' faces huh?  Her make-up was really well done as well!

Not a great pic, but there wasn't much out there!

What did you all think of Emily's season?  Did you think Jef was going to win?  Do you believe those rumors about Emily and Chris Harrison?  Confession: I kinda wanted them to come true. Now, that would have been "The most shocking Bachelorette finale ever" as Chris kept saying.....{what a load of was NOT the most shocking finale ever Chris!}

Have a great day!


Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

I loved this season. I am just totally bummed I have nothing to look forward to on Mondays! haha

Nat said...

I didn't love Jef I didn't think he was bad but he just didn't really grow on me and I felt like she liked Arie so much more at times. Hopefully for her sake this was the right choice and it will work out!

Amanda said...

I felt throughout the whole show that it was going to be Jef. I think they're perfect for each other. I loved her dress on the men tell all but her hair was awful on after the final rose!! I think the bachelor will be Arie or Sean...although I wish they would pick someone completely new!

Fash Boulevard said...

haha, I would have been shocked, but I do feel bad for Chris's wife. You know the rumors just killed her. Fabulous post, love! If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest trend report & post for xo

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