Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'm on the edge of my seat today because tomorrow is the day. THE DAY.

Tomorrow, Doc finds out where he matches for residency and where we'll be moving to for the next 5 years! Crazzyyy!  I can't believe this day is already here and at the same time, it feels like we've been on the brink of this day for like a year.

Doc ranked 13 programs so that means there are 13 possible cities we could end up in from Miami to Detroit to Richmond, Virginia and everything in between. And its a matching system, so for those of you who are not familiar, Doc ranks the programs from 1 to 13 in order of who he likes the most to the least.......and each program ranks the people they interviewed from 1 to whatever (25? 30?) and it all goes into a computer and spits out one place you go for everyone...............or most everyone!  Some people will not match, which would be a nightmare so I don't even want to think about that! But he'll just get an email tomorrow saying where he matched and that's it.  No if ands or butts.

This is the culmination of his entire academic career.  This is where its determined if he gets to practice what he's interested in or not.....which is Urology by the way.  Soo its a big deal!  He's nervous as hell right now, but I know he'll be fine.  Urology is a very competitive specialty so its very difficult to get in...there are only so many spots in the country (I think its around 260 and there are close to 500 or more applicants!). I just want him to match and I hope its at a program that he likes, but as long as he matches, that's all that matters!

Soooooooooo tomorrow I will surely let you know where it is we'll be spending the next 5 years of our lives!  We'll most likely be moving in early May, so I'm looking forward to exploring a new city or just getting a change of scenery.  Fingers crossed its somewhere warm after the terrible feezinggggggg temps we're experiencing in Ohio right now!

Until tomorrow.....


Layercake said...

Bets of Luck to you guys! I went through it last yr with my hubby, its stressful but keep in mind everything happens for a reason.

Nat said...

Good luck!! One of our good friends is in his first year of Urology Residency at Stanford- he's loving it but it's very intense!

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