Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We're moving to......

.......MICHIGAN!  Royal Oak, Michigan to be more specific!

We are over the moon excited that Doc has matched at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak {right outside of Detroit} and even more shocked and excited because this was his #1 choice!  We just didn't expect him to get into his #1....we thought he'd probably go down to #5 or so just because of how competitive all of these program are!

I am just soooo proud of Doc because he's worked so hard to get here and he deserves this!  Unfortunately I am going to a no less warm environment, but that's okay.....I hear wonderful things about Royal Oak {my brother actually lived there about 8 years ago} so we are excited to explore a new city!  We will surely be celebrating tonight!!

If anyone lives in Royal Oak or has lived there...please email me!  I'd love to hear about where to live or any tips you have for me! :)


Corie said...

I live in Livonia Michigan which is about a half hour away from Royal Oak! My grandpa got his heart surgery done at Beaumont and my brother was born there! I'm not sure what there is to do around there, but I will say Michigan is a pretty awesome state minus the snow haha

Nat said...

Congrats on Doc getting his first choice!! How eciting!

italgalmm said...

Are you here yet?...
Royal Oak is awesome !!
Birmingham is awesome !!!
Michigan is Awesome !!!
If you need any info for the local stuff feel free to write me.. I am in Canton also about a half hour 45 min drive from Royal Oak..
Canton/Plymouth/Northville/ Ann Arbor are my stomping grounds but...I Just love the area you are moving to.
Come out to Canton.. we have an IKEA !!! lol

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