Monday, January 28, 2013

Winter Gear

Well its definitely that time of year, despite being cold and snowy across most of the US, where everyone is shopping for and thinking of Spring/Summer already! Malls are packed with warm clothes, spring decorations are out, and everyone is talking about summer plans...

While I usually jump right on board with this because more than anyone, I love the heat BUT this year my head is still in Winter....or more like cold weather!  Since finding out I'm moving to Michigan in May, I'm already thinking of all the cold weather gear I should stock up on.

Yes.....I have been living in Midwest for close to 8 years now, but suprisingly, I'm really lacking warm clothes in my closet. I also know Michigan gets more snow than where I am in Ohio {and its a bit colder} so I thought I should take advantage of all the winter sales happening as we approach Spring!

Here is what I have my eye on:

Hunter Boots {I hear great things about these!}:

Calvin Klein Puffer Coat {I actually just bought this over the weekend and am trying to decide whether to keep it or find another one. I want one with fur around the hood.}:

Base layers like this North Face shirt {I don't own any base layers but I know they're comfy and keep you warm}:
Warm North Face gloves {Love these North Face "etip" gloves so you can use your iphone while keeping your hands warm!}:

Those are just a few of the many things I need in the year ahead... I never did buy a fur vest. I think those came in about as quickly as they went out.  You don't see them as much anymore, right?  I also never got a cape, but I would love one!  Any suggestions, send my way!
Have a great rest of the day!


Nat said...

I don't live that far north but I agree that Hunters and a puffer jacket are a MUST in the winter!

Jess said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Hunter boots to keep me warm and fashionable.

Hilliary@Brunch and Cupcakes said...

I love my Hunter Boots! I wear them on my walk to work in the snow, they are great!

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