Friday, May 31, 2013

17 Week Baby Bump Update!

Happy Friday everyone!

I was going to post my update yesterday when I was actually 17 weeks, but I wasn't able to upload my picture to my computer so I had to wait.  Doc and I just got a new fancy-pants camera, which I've been thinking about for a long time!  We ended up getting the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and so far, I'm really happy with it.  I have to learn all the fun things you can do with it but for now, I'm just shooting on automatic. I really wanted to be able to capture my pregnancy and, of course, our growing family with a great camera and I think I made the right choice! 

How far along? 17 weeks

Baby is the size of? A turnip {according to What to Expect When Your Expecting}

Maternity clothes? My belly is getting bigger and bigger so squeezing into non-maternity pants is just awful! Definitely the most comfortable in maternity jeans or stretchy pants. Also maxi dresses!  I'm still able to wear non-maternity tops though.

Stretch marks? Not yet, and I hope they never show up! Still using Belli Elasticity Belly Oil every night.

Symptoms? Muscle aches, apparently I'm snoring now, a little rib pain.

Sleep? I've been tossing and turning a lot recently but I think I'm still getting used to sleeping on my sides. I have found I can get away with sorta being on my stomach {tilted a little to the side} and that is the most comfortable for me, but I think my days are numbered and I just need to accept I'll be on my side for the next 6 months...

Best moment of the week? Hearing baby's heartbeat at our appointment last week! And we scheduled our anatomy ultrasound which will be June 18th....less than 3 weeks away and we'll find out if Bubbles is a boy or a girl! Can't wait!!

Miss anything? Over easy eggs and alcohol.

Movement? I think I'm starting to feel some movement! For the past week, I've been paying attention to the bubble-like movement I feel and I've realized its not gas, I think its baby but the movements are still too small to feel externally. They just feel like muscle twitches right now!

Food cravings? I am hungry ALL THE TIME NOW. Doc keeps laughing at me because all I do is eat! I've definitely still been craving sweets but more than that is fruit. I just crave fruit all the time. I think its because I'm so thirsty too.

Anything making you quesy or sick? Nope!

Have you started to show yet? Yup, my belly is popping for sure!

Baby is a? Don't know yet, but will know in less than 3 weeks!!

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time? A mix of both lol

Looking forward to: Our anatomy ultrasound but that's still too far away! This week I'm looking forward to maybe feeling baby move prominently? I also have friends coming up from Columbus to visit us at our new house so that will be fun!


Kate said...

I have good news for you... even as you grow you'll still be able to sleep tiled on your side. I thought that once my bump got big I wouldn't be able to too, but we're wrong! Thankfully :)

Nat said...

I was ravenously hungry from weeks 16-22, it was like I never had enough to eat. I think I gained like 8lbs that month, haha. It finally leveled off at around 6 months I was normal again and now my stomach is so squished I get full so quickly. I also ate a ton of cantelope when I was at your stage until I finally got sick of it.

Petchie said...

I miss over easy eggs so bad too! You never really appreciate those things until you can't have them!


Hilliary@Brunch and Cupcakes said...

You look great! I love reading these posts! Can't wait to see you soon!

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