Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catch up....and BABY stroller help!

Good evening everyone!

First, sorry I missed my 16 week update last week!  I was out of town for work in Colorado Springs and as soon as I came home, Doc and I hopped in the car and drove to Chicago to celebrate my birthday (last Friday) and to spend a week up here! 

My birthday was great! My in-laws have a condo here in Chicago {right on Lake Michigan} so its really nice to be able to come up here and be within walking distance to everything.  I spent my birthday strolling around the city with Doc, eating Sprinkles cupcakes, and ending the evening eating at RPM Italian, Giuliana & Bill Rancic's restaurant! LOVE that place. We had been there once before so it was an easy decision for me as to where to spend my birthday dinner.  Too bad Giuliana was not there on my birthday....she was there the first time I ate there but I was too chicken to go up to her!

Now, were just here hanging out and enjoying a little vacay while we can!  Doc starts residency at the end of June, and once that happens we'll have very little time to go away.  We also just bought a house which makes us broke, and then oh yea....there's a baby on the way!  So the next vacation we'll get to take won't be for a while, but that's okay!  All good things happening :)

Now on to baby things....

I'm starting to think about what kind of stroller to buy but I've Googled and Googled and still cannot decide on anything!  This is where I turn to you ladies.  Any suggestions??  Even if you don't have a baby, maybe you know someone who had a stroller they loved?  I've heard great things about the UPPAbaby Vista stroller, however, I also heard it's pretty big and can be a pain to get in and out of restaurants, etc. It's also pretty expensive, but I'd pay that price if it was worth it.

I'm not looking for a jogger stroller because...I will never go jogging or running outside with the baby. I never ran before, I won't start now.  I think the pram style strollers are the best looking, but I'm open to any suggestions!  I just want a great stroller that I won't be kicking myself later for buying.

Any good websites or blogs I should refer to?

Will be back on Thursday with my 17 week update! Only 3 weeks until we find out if Bubbles is a boy or a girl!! So excited!


Molly said...

I obsessed over this when I was pregnant! We ended up with 3 (!) strollers- BOB (jogging), Uppababy G-Luxe ('umbrella'), and a snap-n-go (to put his car seat in). All of them serve their purpose pretty well and I actually love each one. I'd definitely recommend getting something you can snap the carseat into for when the baby is young- if he/she falls asleep in the car you can just pop 'em into stroller an be on your way! I read www.lucieslist.com for various baby reco's. Good luck choosing!

Kate said...

Clearly my baby hasn't arrived quite yet, but I had heard so many great things about the Britax b-agile and b-ready (used with the b-safe car seat) that I had to look into it. Some of my closest friends, who's opinions I really respect have the b-agile, whereas so many bloggers I respect have the b-ready. I settled on the b-ready and b-safe and couldn't be more pleased, thus far. But again, testing it out on my dog isn't the same as daily use with a baby :)

Also, you need to turn off your word verification for comments. You'll get many more comments doing so... I've already effed up the word ver. twice and would delete my comment and call it a day if I didn't want to send this to you that much :)))

Our Volunteer Family said...

I loved the Chicco carseat and stroller combo!

Nat said...

My SIL had an uppababy vista but just sold it because she hated it- she said it was just too bulky and she never ended up using it.
I went with the Baby Jogger City Mini (it's not a jogging stroller most of the Baby Jogger ones aren't). I haven't had my baby yet but here are some of the reasons I went for it. Trust me when I say I did extensive research on strollers! I pushed pretty much all of them and spent hours on Amazon reading reviews.
- It has to be hands down the most popular stroller in my area- I did some park and city surverying and I usually see at 5 or more when we're out for the day.
-It's lightweight- only 16lbs- which is light for a stroller
-It's compact so it will fit in my car and my husbands
-It folds with just one pull of a strap which I know will come in handy when I have a baby in my other hand
-It came highly recommended from friends with babies- which is my first go too. Pretty much all of my husband's co workers who had babies this year got one.

If I didn't go with that one my second choice was the Baby Jogger City Versa- it's a bit more versatile and you can move the to seat so the baby faces you or faces out. I wanted this one because I figured I would want him facing me when he was really small but then someone suggested to me to just get the stroller caddy that goes with the car seat for when they're little.

So I ended up getting the Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat and Chicco Keyfit Caddy that the car seat easily snaps into for when he's really small since they can't use other stollers w/o bassinets until they can sit up. My SIL also said my niece never liked the bassinet when she was small because she didn't feel snuggled up like they do in car seats.

Sorry for the LONG comment! I hope this helps

Babyviva said...

The safety of baby must be give first preference when choosing a baby stroller.

Consuelo Nakayama said...

I'm guessing you have chosen a stroller by now. Have you gone for the pram-style stroller? You said you don't want to jog, so I was thinking maybe that's not the stroller you're looking for, since it was created with outdoorsy moms in mind. Then again, maybe you still like going outside, just not jogging. If so, I say go for it if that's what you really want! :)

Consuelo Nakayama @ TreasureRooms.com


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