Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nursery progress...?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Since I found out that our little baby is going to be a girl, I've been brainstorming and thinking about her nursery non-stop!  Currently her room looks like this......

Yea.......its been a "dump all the junk" room since we moved in {there is actually more that you can't see in the picture}.  I plan to start cleaning the room out this week and setting up her crib which is the big box in the picture to the right.  We decided to go with the Pottery Barn Kendall Crib in white:

As far as the other furniture goes, I haven't totally decided on it all yet. I need to get the hubby to go to Buy Buy Baby with me to sit in some glider chairs.  We were originally thinking of going with the Pottery Barn Kids Swivel Glider in white, but its just so darn expensive! At close to $1,000, I just feel like we can find a chair that is just as comfy at Buy Buy Baby {I actually was there the other day and the chairs were great and significantly less!}

Now for the fun part, what theme/colors am I going to go with?  Well, it took me FOREVER to decide and I spent many many hours on Project Nursery just looking at pictures trying to see if I can narrow down what I want.  I realized that I was drawn to a lighter palate, rather than bright colors and I, of course, want to use pink!  I know some women really do not like to use pink for girls, but I am just not one of them!  I've always loved the color pink and I think it makes a little girl's nursery so cute!  Now, there is a line of course. I don't want it to look like pink threw up all over her room!

So, I *think* I am going to go with light pink, grey, and white.  This has been a very common theme I've seen recently but I think its just so beautiful and timeless.  I haven't been able to find one picture that sums up what I want but here are some pictures that encompass the vibe I want:

What do you think?  I also was really drawn to pink, navy, and white but somehow I kept leaning towards the grey instead.  It's very possible that I might change my mind, but for now....this is the direction I'm going in! 

Be back later this week with stroller talk!  Have a great rest of the day :)


Nat said...

We have the PB Kendall Crib- haven't used it yet but I love the way it looks in our nursery. I love gray, pink, and white for a girl- that will be so pretty!

Libby said...

Those nursery inspirations are beautiful!

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