Thursday, July 11, 2013

23 Week Baby Bump Update!

Terrible picture of me.....but the best I could do for 10:30PM!
How far along? 23 weeks!

Baby is the size of? A papaya {according to What to Expect When Your Expecting}

Maternity clothes? Yep, still wearing mostly maternity with a mix of non-maternity tops and dresses. I'm starting to find a handful of my non-maternity tops though that I cannot wear because they're too short now! My belly likes to pop out of the bottom lol

Stretch marks? Not yet, and I hope they never show up! Still using Belli Elasticity Belly Oil every night.

Symptoms? Nothing new this week! Still have those leaky boobs but I have a feeling I will be dealing with that through the end of my pregnancy....and wait...after pregnancy of course!

Sleep? Not so great these days. I never want to go to bed at night now! I just can't wind down so I've been going to bed around 12 every night. And that's still forcing myself to get into bed. I find my brain just keeps going and going and I want to be on my computer or watching TV all night. I get up to pee once a night too and I usually have trouble going back to bed after that {I know it happens to a lot of pregnant women though}

Best moment of the week? Feeling baby girl move stronger and stronger! Nothing in particular happened this week so I'm just happy to see my belly grow and to feel her everyday.

Miss anything? Just the usual....alcohol, sunny side up eggs, and cookie dough!

Movement? Baby is moving all the time! And getting stronger and stronger :)

Food cravings? I have to have some sweets everyday....its no bueno. I try to control it. I do but I can't help but crave cookies and brownies and.....yea everything.

Anything making you quesy or sick? None!

Have you started to show yet? Yes, my belly is getting bigger and bigger!

Baby is a? GIRL!

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!

Looking forward to: Our 24 week appointment next Tuesday and heading into my 3rd trimester! I'm getting a little impatient and I just to meet our little one already! I'm also looking forward to seeing all of my college girl friends this weekend at a wedding in Louisville, KY! Pictures to come :)


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Looking fantastic as always - she is really starting to pop! I love it!

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