Friday, July 26, 2013

Five for Friday!

Happy happy Friday! 

It's been awhile since I've done a Five for Friday post and I've been reading for months now all the links ups that go on, so I thought I'd participate this week!

ONE. I finally decided on a paint color for the nursery and I ended up with White Dogwood by Sherwin Williams!  Its a beautiful light pink shade so fingers crossed I still like it once I put it up on the walls!  Here are some pictures of the paint color:

TWO. While my brother and his wife were visiting last week, we all drove to Ann Arbor, MI and walked around their HUGE art fair which we kind of stumbled upon unintentionally.  I've never actually bought anything at an art fair but when Doc and I layed eyes on this gem...we had to have it! 

The photographer calls the piece "Piggy" and he said he got this image while he was in the Bahamas just a couple months ago.  He said off of one of the islands down there, someone had the brilliant idea of bringing a handful of pigs with the thinking that 10 pigs will turn into 20...and so on.  Well that didn't happen. The pigs just ate everything on the island they could get their mouths on and started to starve. So when boaters would drive by, they'd throw food to the pigs and then the pigs started swimming out to the boats and now, they swim all the time! I'd like to go see some swimming piggies!

THREE. I have my first bouquet of home grown flowers in my house! Back in April, Doc and I planted some beautiful white lilies and now they're fully bloomed and they're gorgeous!! They smell amazing as well. This probably would have cost us at least $70 from a flower shop but we got them for the whopping price of....$6! Just plant and make sure you water every day.  We have some stargazer lilies that are still growing right now so I can't wait to see those fully bloomed!

FOUR. I'm so excited that Giuliana & Bill is back on TV for their 6th season! I've been watching their show for years and I was so excited to see what life was like with their new little baby Duke now.  He is adorable! On the show, Bill has a conversation with some of his friends and they guys said they set up email accounts for their children once they were born, and whenever they're thinking of them they just send them an email. Once the children are older, they can look back at these emails and read on this specific day, they did this funny thing or said this, or daddy was on a trip and missed him/her. I think that's such a cute idea!

FIVE. This chicken recipe is the bomb!  Its baked quinoa crusted chicken parmesan and its seriously delicious! I highly recommend using fresh mozzarella and butterflying the chicken so that its not too thick. Pair it with some yummy pasta and you have dinner!  Seriously....try this!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Emily said...

That pale pink room is stunning! What a perfect shade!

Libby said...

The pink shade is absolutely timeless & classic for a baby girl!

Jess said...

That shared of Pino and that photo of the pig are amazing! And really need to try that chic recipe. It looks delicious!

Natasha said...

that color on the walls is going to look gorgeous!!! we painted caroline's nursery a similar hue and it is so calming and a perfect place for a wee one ;)

thanks for linking up this week!!

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