Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Royal Baby Cambridge!

I don't know if you all heard but......my future son-in-law was born yesterday. Yep, the royal baby is here!

I've been watching CNN non-stop since yesterday and I have to say, Kate looks AH-MAZING! I mean hello, she just had a baby 24 hours ago and she looks soo beautiful {although I didn't expect anything less}.

And how cute are they in matching baby blue?  I LOVE her dress {I hear its Jenny Packham}. Where can I get one in pink for when I have my baby? Oh wait....there won't be thousands of people waiting for me for a photo op.  Guess I'll probably be in PJs...

Such a cutie!  I can't wait to see who he looks like.  And what will his name be?  Everyone is guessing traditional names but I say, what if they go with a more modern name?  I mean they seem to want to do things more modern so its possible they'll choose a modern name!  I'm not talking weird celebrity like paperclip or apple or fartface or something....but maybe it wont be an old English name?

We shall see.......

In the mean time, baby Cambridge will just have to wait for his princess to be born in November :)


Nat said...

She looked amazing!! I looked like death 24 hours after having Miller- I was swollen and exhausted looking. I keep telling my husband that Miller has to study abroad at St. Andrews in college so he can become buddies with the prince

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