Thursday, October 3, 2013

35 Weeks Baby Bump Update!

How far along? 35 weeks!

Baby is the size of? A large cantaloupe {according to What to Expect When Your Expecting}

Maternity clothes? Some of maternity shirts are even a little short on me now!  Since I work from home, I'm basically just in yoga pants and tanks all day long but when I know I'm going out and running errands, I'll put jeans on or some of my maxi dresses {then when I get home, I put the comfy clothes back on!}

Stretch marks? None so far! Still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion every night and I use regular body lotion every morning after my shower.  I think I may be in the clear now!

Symptoms? Feeling pretty good this week!  Not too much back pain, but still feeling PREGNANT for sure!
Sleep? Sleep has been good, but I still have my restless nights where I can't quiet my brain down and then when I get woken up, I'm up!  So the amount of hours I get have been hit and miss.

Best moment of the week? Had my 35 week appointment yesterday, so I got to hear baby girl's heartbeat again.  Everything is going well, so in just 5 weeks {or less} she will be here!  Like I said last week, I've been nesting like crazy and cleaning/organizing everyday.  Her nursery is coming together little by little, I have just a few finishing touches left to complete and then I'll do a nursery reveal! 

Miss anything? Alcohol and sleeping on my stomach!

Movement? She's still moving up a storm!  Very "rolly" movements, not too many jabs, just movement from one side of my belly to the other.  She still gets the hiccups practically every day!

Food cravings? None.

Anything making you quesy or sick? Nope!

Have you started to show yet? Yep....I'm quite large and its hard to believe I'll be getting even larger!

Baby is a? GIRL!

Belly button in or out? Its officially an outie now.

Wedding rings on or off? I've only been wearing my wedding band because if I wear my engagement ring too, its way too tight!

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!

Looking forward to: Finishing her nursery!  I need to make decisions on the artwork and then I should have everything complete.  I also have boxes all over the house with different items, so I hope to get them all unpacked, put together, and in its place so that way we're ready to go when she makes her arrival!

Doc has the weekend off so hopefully we can spend some quality time together, as starting very soon, thing will be different!  What are you doing this weekend?


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