Thursday, October 17, 2013

37 Weeks Baby Bump Update!

How far along? 37 weeks! Baby is considered "full term" now so anytime she's ready...we're ready!

Baby is the size of? A watermelon {according to What to Expect When Your Expecting}

Maternity clothes? Oh, I just wear whatever I can fit into nowadays! Lots of leggings and sweaters.

Stretch marks? None so far! Still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Lotion every night and I use regular body lotion every morning after my shower. 

Symptoms? I did develop heart burn a couple weeks ago but it hasn't been much of a problem {thankfully!}, and I had a really bad nose bleed one night so I finally got a humidifier in our room and that has helped quite a bit.  I find I'm not as congested either which has been a pain when your trying to sleep!  Other than that, no new symptoms. If I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions, they're pretty mild because I can't really feel them.
Sleep? Sleep has been pretty good this week!  I still have a hard time falling asleep some nights but once I'm asleep, I'm out so I'm getting pretty solid sleep each night. Trying to soak in all the sleep I can get before baby girl gets here!

Best moment of the week? Hmm, there wasn't really anything in particular this week that stands out! I didn't have a doctor's appointment this week so nothing new on that front.  I guess I'm just excited that I've finally reached 37 weeks and from this point forward, baby girl can be born with little to none complications!

Miss anything? Alcohol and sleeping on my stomach!

Movement? She's gotten so big now that I feel every movement she makes.  She definitely has her feet in my right side because they stick out all the time now! Sometimes her jabs over there hurt but its fun to be able to feel her little feet pocking me!

Food cravings? None.

Anything making you quesy or sick? Nope!

Have you started to show yet? Yep....I'm quite large and its hard to believe I'll be getting even larger!

Baby is a? GIRL!

Belly button in or out? Its officially an outie now.

Wedding rings on or off? Still wearing just my wedding band these days but that's definitely tight on me.

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!

Looking forward to: FINALLY finishing baby girl's nursery!  Doc is going to hang her curtains for me tomorrow and then I just need to purchase some picture frames and the nursery will be done!  Pictures to come very very soon :)

Have a great weekend!


Kate said...

37 weeks! Eeeeep... SO close!!!! You are lookin' so hot, my friend. Pregnancy suits you well!

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