Sunday, December 8, 2013

Penelope's 1 Month Update!

I'm a day late here, but yesterday Penelope turned 1 month old!  I can't believe its been a month, yet at the same time, its been a long month! 

Every time I see this fox stuffed animal I feel like saying, "What does the fox say?" LOL
The first 2 weeks after Penelope was born, my mom stayed with me so it was amazing to have her help!  I'm the youngest of 6 kids so I definitely welcomed her advice and know-how with open arms.  I thought 2 weeks sounded like a long time at first, but those 2 weeks flew by and when it was time for her to leave, I couldn't believe it!  I was sad but I thought...I got this. I can handle this! 

Well, I think the hardest weeks were 2-3.  I was on my own for the first time with Penelope...all day.  I couldn't leave the house because she wasn't vaccinated yet {and still is not since she doesn't get those until she's 2 months old} so I was just inside the house with her 24/7.  And she started to become a fussy baby during the 3rd week.  She was great before that but all of a sudden she had some bad days where all she did was cry and those turned into bad nights where she kept me up until like 4am crying. 

It was a hard adjustment needless to say, but I feel like I got through it!  I still feel like I'm "weathering the storm" since she's only 4 weeks old but I do feel better than I did last week.  I am very lucky that I do have an easy baby {as easy as a baby can be..} She likes her sleep and has only kept us up during the night a handful of times.  I find that she doesn't want to go to bed until late but once I get her asleep....she's good the rest of the night!  She'll wake up for feedings {going 4-6 hours in between them at night now} and she'll go right back to sleep.  I usually don't have to stay up rocking her which is great! 

It was a challenge to learn how to keep her awake during the day because I think she was sleeping too much during the day--leading to her staying awake at night.  There's only so much you can do with a newborn to keep them entertained so we play on her playmat and I walk her around the house so she can look around but that's about all you can do.  I'm sooo looking forward to her becoming more interactive!

I've only left the house with her a few times when I've had to but I can't wait until I can take her out more!  I know I can, but I would just feel better if she was vaccinated before I really take her places.  So right now, I'm really chained to my house but whenever John is around or has a day off....I take advantage of that and go to the mall or do my grocery shopping then.  Getting out is key to staying sane for sure!

Oh, we also celebrated Penelope's first holiday and Thanksgiving during this month!  She wore her turkey onesie and basically slept the whole day but here are a couple photos:

Stay tuned for Penelope's newborn photos coming this week!  Hope you all had a great weekend!


Becca said...

I called the first month with my son the longest, shortest month of my life! HA! You'll keep feeling more and more confident as time goes by, and that makes the rough days/nights seem much more manageable! It's a wonderful, exhausting time :)

Hilliary@Brunch and Cupcakes said...

She is just adorable! I love these updates! Cannot wait to meet her!

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